Thursday, February 16, 2012

Modern Family

First off, it still seems like it is not Chicken Pox. The rash seems to have stopped spreading, and is maybe healing a little bit. Her sister has a couple of tiny bumps (also on her left arm) but that seems to be the extent of it.

I assume that a bunch of you watch Modern Family...? I wouldn't call myself a devoted fan, but I do watch it whenever I happen to turn on the TV and its on (also...have we yet discussed my status as the last non-DVR user in America? Maybe tomorrow.) And it is always pretty funny.

So, last night there was an episode that was hilariously close-to-home, and also completely well timed. The brother and sister (who may be twins...?) were at dinner with her husband and his partner (or husband, I don't know what state this is:-)). They ended up getting hammered and deciding that it would be a really good idea for the sister to donate an egg, and for the brother's partner to donate his sperm to make a baby that a surrogate would carry. Then, the next morning they all woke up with horrible hangovers and realized what a completely horrific idea this was...and hilarity ensued...

Anyway...the thing is...THIS HAPPENED!!!  Well, not exactly, but maybe five years ago when Twin Sister and her Wife were first starting the fertility process, they had a doctor tell them that she was aware of at least one other set of twins who chose to have the other twin be the donor...the theory being that it would then be a child that was, genetically, a pretty good combination of its two parents.

Wait...that seemed confusing...what the doctor was asking was whether or not they wanted The Boy to donate his sperm and Twin Sister's wife to donate an egg...and since The Boy and Twin Sister share almost identical genetic material, the baby would be as close as a genetic descendant of Twin Sister and her Wife as possible. (I am actually pretty sure that I have told this story via gChat with some people before...Ally, does this ring a bell?)

If that strikes you as a little bit are not the only one! It's uber-weird.

That does, however, bring me to the announcement that I promised last week...Twin Sister and her Wife are having another baby:-). This time her Wife is going to carry...which I guess is an advantage of being married to another woman - you only have to go through half of the pregnancies. She is due in August, about two weeks after Big Sis, and so far everyone if doing great. They are also going to wait to find out the baby's sex, so I will get two big surprises in August that I am very much looking forward to:-)

Send everyone good wishes!


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I am also part of a Modern Family (love that show, BTW) and think it's really superb that modern medicine and society allows for families to be created in a number of ways. Congrats to your Twin Sis and her expanding family!

Kari said...

So exciting!!! More cousins for the girls!!