Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Pox on All Your Houses! (Well, mine at least:-))

So...LK may have chicken pox, which I believe should entitle me to a refund on the vaccine, no?

I say "may" because she probably doesn't. As mentioned, she has been vaccinated, which doesn't totally rule out getting them, but it makes it pretty unlikely. Also, the rash (which showed up on Sunday and looks a lot like chicken pox) in only on her chest, upper back and left arm, whereas chicken pox are a whole-body experience. The best news is that it doesn't itch or bother her at all, and she has no fever, both of which would come with the chicken pox and which I am really thankful that she doesn't is hard to explain to a two year old that you can't bring 11 stuffed animals into your high chair for dinner, so keeping her from itching herself seems like a losing battle.

So, the doctor's verdict is that it is probably some kind of virus that is manifesting itself in a skin rash...and that her sister probably has it, too, but that it may manifest in her as a runny nose (it is winter, their noses are ALWAYS running) or a stomach ache or some other minor symptom. But, she did encourage us to keep her out of day care for a couple of days, which is a huge pain...especially since The Boy is totally swamped this week and can't really take a day off, and his mother is busy as well.

I stayed home with her yesterday, and Munchkin is playing hooky from school to stay home with her today...which I find so adorable that I want to kiss a bunch of puppies. I was planning on staying home again today and maybe having a babysitter come over in the afternoon so I could get some work done, but Munchkin volunteered:-)

Truth be told, she has been running herself a little ragged lately with what seems to be 641 activities, and I think she kinda liked the idea of a mental health day, and I am not at all opposed to that. Honestly, at this point, she could wake up and just tell me she didn't feel like going to school and I would let her stay home...(also, she has a lot of chocolate to eat, thanks to Frenchie:-)). So, they are kicking it at home today...or, probably somewhere else by now.

Beyond that, not a whole lot going on. I would write about the President's budget proposal and the Republican's response, but I am tired and I feel like it is the same stupid shit they have been talking about forever. He wants to raise taxes and won't talk about entitlements. They want to cut spending and won't talk about taxes. And there is apparently no middle ground...and really, very, very few of them will discuss this honestly with anyone.

Cest le's our own fault for electing them.


Mrs. Adventure said...

Yay Munchkin! How sweet of her to stay home and you know I'm all for Mental Health Days :o).

I hope your little one doesn't have the pox.... makes me itch just typing this.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Interesting that your pediatrician thinks its a virus, rather than an allergic reaction. Either way, hope LK is on the road to recovery real soon! And super sweet that Munchkin is taking care of her today!!

Accidentally Me said...

Nilsa, that was one of the things she ran allergy, or bug bites, or some other kind of reaction to something she wore or ate. She ruled those out for various reasons that I sort of forget:-)

sab said...

same thing happened to my son a few weeks ago....a rash that also made his face blow UP! Actually, I went to wake him in the morning and his face looked like elephant man and the rash was everywhere. I freaked to say the least. I thought it was an allergic reaction to something he ate tried to come up with a list of foods...but doc said it was most likely a reaction to being exposed to a virus. In fact, a few days later he had a fever and sore throat so it jived with the virus theory. AND I have no idea why sometimes, one kids passes the baton to the other (and I am scrambling to find substitute child care ALL week) and sometimes we get lucky and that never happens. The gods of microorganisms are never consistent!