Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to the grind

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter:-). Or, just a nice relaxing Sunday if Easter isn't your thing... I spent most of it with The Boy and his family, which I guess counts as mine now:-D. Nothing fancy, just his sister, her wife and the baby, plus an aunt and uncle and two cousins. There was much ham...

Munchkin's cousin is coming out for the week, which she is very excited about. I am, too...for a couple of reasons. First, I happen to like this cousin a lot (more than just about anyone else she is related to that I am not). Second, other than her brother, no one from her father's family has ever been out to visit her, so I am happy that someone else will get a little better idea of what she does all the time. Munchkin is going to skip her afternoon stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday (a flute lesson, a tennis practice and a play practice) so that they can hang out a bit. She loves showing people around...she is totally a city kid.

I am a basketball picking genius, or so I have been told. My selections of Western Kentucky and Davidson have turned out to be quite prescient, so I am winning the office pool. However, I have also been told that picking Western Kentucky to beat UCLA this week was maybe not the best idea. And that having Xavier and Wisconsin in the Final Four was not terribly bright...but we shall see. I wonder how much I win...?

I guess that's about it. I was gonna write some political thoughts, but those might have to wait until next week. A lot happened while I was gone last week, it seems...but I don't have time to opine right now. Well, I suppose I should get back to work...the first day back after vacation is always so hard!


Are You Willing to Change? said...

I had a great Easter also...It sounds like yours was fun too! Good Luck getting everything caught up since you've been gone!

Trish Ryan said...

Gotta love a happy Easter, especially here in New feels like God's reassurance that he hasn't forgotten spring.

Happy first day back!

Jessie said...

I picked Davidson too, and everyone told me I was nuts - until they won :)

brandy said...

Ahh, your basketball pool talk has me jealous. This was the first year in many that I didn't sit down and fill out a bracket- and now I feel so left out!

With that said, I will root for Western Kentucky. Fingers crossed you win!