Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey look...a picture!

I feel like I have fallen behind in my blog topics. I was going to write about having dinner with the school Moms on Tuesday evening, but then I had a post from Sunday that I had to write, and then yesterday I was crazy busy all morning and never got to write anything. And now I feel like a three day old dinner conversation has passed its blog expiration date.

I was gonna do that thing where you answer a bunch of questions in Flickr and then post the pictures... Brookem did it yesterday and I am not sure who she may have stolen it from:-). But I have neither the time nor the patience for it.

However, I did go ahead and enter my first name, and this was like the fourth picture down:

You get a big prize if you can figure that one out;-). For the few of you who actually do know my name, you probably can't even figure out the correlation (I am gonna go out on a limb and say that, amongst bloggers, maybe Aaron will get it...I doubt anyone else will). However, if you do guess right...send me and email and I will confirm that you are correct;-).

Chicken fingers last night, of course. I like that our Thursday plans are so routine that some of my friends sometimes stop by unannounced if they are nearby. They just know that we will be there:-).

I don't intend to do anything at work At least I am setting expectations properly! It has been kind of a busy week, and I have just about everything I am working on at a neat cut-off point for vacation. I have some little things to tie up this morning, and then lunch with Boss Foxy. I am hoping that she is not too busy and that I can talk her into massages, but that may be a long-shot:-D. Totally worth a try, however!

I am also finding out that I may have to travel for a couple of days during the first week after we get back, which kinda sucks. I don't like the idea of getting home, then getting right back on a plane two days later, but what can you do? Contrary to my wishes, they do not pay me simply to look cute in a suit...although that may be somewhere in my job description, I am not quite sure. More pressing is that I would need to come up with some child-care solutions. Munchkin can almost certainly stay with Smoking Hot Roommate or Big Sis (or they could come stay with her) but I am also call some of our aunts and cousins in Chicago and see if anyone wants to come out for a couple days to visit. A couple of them have said recently that they would like to do that, so maybe that would work, too.

But never mind all of's vacation time! This never-ending winter just makes the idea of a beach all the better. I am definitely in need of some warm weather and sunshine...I am a flower and I need to bloom:-D. Munchkin's two friends are staying over (more on that in a moment) and we are getting out of the house hopefully by 7:00 tomorrow. I have to make sure they get to bed early so they are not totally useless in the morning. The good news is that they will be packed and the car loaded before they go to bed, so they just have to get up and go.

Before that, however, we have this little ditty. Munchkin called me at work yesterday and asked if she could have a handful of friends over tonight to eat pizza and watch movies. She said like 6-7 people, and then everyone would go home except for the two girls coming with us tomorrow. Fine with me...I don't think The Boy will mind babysitting with me, we weren't going out anyway. Oh...only thing is, there are boys coming.

Which kinda makes me feel like the kiddie police Munchkin does not currently have a boyfriend, but a couple of her friends do, and I feel like it becomes kind of my responsibility to make sure they aren't just having a three hour long make-out session. (Did I really just use the phrase "make out session"? Yea, I think I have a problem with that?).

Which means I will have to be a little more visible, I guess. I will probably sit down and watch with them for a while, and then maybe I will do some things like cleaning the kitchen or making them cookies or something, just so I am sort of there. We will put this on the list of things that are way easier as sister than mother...Maybe Jordan or SJM would like to chime in one what would happen if Mom wanted to hang out with the pre-teens and watch movies;-) But I can totally get away with it.

Anyway, I am sure The Boy will be happy to hear all of I am just positive that he woke up this morning thinking about how much he wanted to do that tonight:-D. I have a feeling he will suddenly rather meet up with some friends for a drink:-P.

So, that is about it, I guess. I don't know if or how much I will check in next week...probably once or twice. Happy St. Patrick's Day! And, fill out your NCAA brackets, too...I am going to have to email mine...who is good this year?

Until then, try and get along without me!!!


Ally said...

If you ever find yourself typing or saying "heavy petting," you'll know you've gone too far.

We're going to miss you:)

Ys said...

have a great time! i'll miss your posts while you're gone.

good luck with the policing too. i don't envy you. you don't want your place to be the place where they're allowed to do whatever they want together but equally you don't want to embarrass munchkin in front of her friends... that's a fine line... good luck! ;)

Are You Willing to Change? said...

Sounds like a fun-filled night! I remember doing that for my sister a few years ago...It was tons of fun! :)

ella said...

I didn't think you knew how to post pictures on your blog. :)

Accidentally Me said...

Ella - Turns out to not be that tricky...

smoking hot roommate said...

You being the responsible adult trying to keep the horny teenagers off of each other? That is hilariously ironic.

I remember a story about your mother telling you that you couldn't have boys stay overnight at age 15, and you telling her to "fuck off". And I heard that from both you AND her, so I know it is true!

Can't wait for the beach! If Munchkin's cousin can't make it out, she is of course welcome at my place when we get back. I'll be home all week.

Still just me said...

By all means, hang out with them, but do it from a distance. If your kitchen overlooks the living room for instance. Keep yourself busy doing something, but keep one eye on the kids.

When I do this, the kids usually end up asking me to join them.

AaroN said...

1. I do believe SHR called you out.

2. Did anyone else get it? I don't even need to know your name to know the highest peak in the world when I see a pic of it. :)

The Boy's Twin Sister said...

Hope you are having a good time, I miss you guys!

Accidentally Me said...

Aaron - I assume you mean Mt. Everest? That would be incorrect...different mountain!