Friday, March 07, 2008


The title of this post is the imaginary word that my two sisters have made up to refer to each other. They aren't actually related at all, but since they share a half sister (me:-D) they have coined a new word for their relationship. I think its cute!

I am really excited to go to Chicago this weekend:-). It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but now I am totally fired up. It is gonna be a quick trip...I will hopefully only be out of town for about 36 hours, but it should do the trick! Another big special thanks to Smoking Hot Roommate for taking babysitting duty for the day...I know she genuinely likes doing it, but it is still a HUGE help that I am very grateful for. I could have brought Munchkin with me, but she has some social engagements she didn't want to miss;-).

Also, I am suddenly TOTALLY fired up for vacation in two weeks. Munchkin's spring break is the week after next, and we are going to Tortola for the week! She has been, but I have not...which will allow me to start crossing off places she has been that I haven't. Much like last year, this is gonna be a big "family" trip...SHR, Big Sis and all of the boys. Actually, the same two friends that came with Munchkin are coming again (well, at least one...the other girl's Mom told me that her Grandfather is really, really sick, so she may not be able to come) so it is a virtual redux, only with less Spanish!

The house we are staying in is a little smaller than the one in Mexico last year, but it should still be great. I have never seen it, but SHR and Big Sis promise plenty of room, and immediate beach access...that's all I need! And my plan is to do, well, very little. I am going to enjoy the warmth and the sun and the ability to be outside in a bathing suit...heaven! Our little trip to Florida last month has just barely held me over...(Cindy is another warm weather gal who was complaining about being cold the other day and gets a virtually snooty hand gesture from those of us in cold places!)

I SOOOO wish Tinkerbelle could come, and next year I am really going to try and do something with her on her school vacation. I think Disney World would be best:-). Two years ago Munchkin and I did Disney for a couple days and then the beach for a couple days, and that would probably be a really good idea. Unfortunately, she gets a week in February and a week in April, while Munchkin has a more traditional Spring Break in March. So their winter vacations never line up...too bad, I would love to go away somewhere with the two of them. I suppose I could do it during the summer sometime.

Seriously, who is a better big sister than me?


AaroN said...

Given your relative miniscule stature, I imagine there are a lot of other better, bigger sisters. ;)

smoking hot roommate said...

Munchkin can stay with me any time you want! I miss being around her everyday, so I will take advantage of my chance to keep her to myself for a bit:)

Have a great time in Chicago, give the other little one a big squeeze for me, and think warm thoughts. The BVI is calling us!!!

EAJ said...

Just returned from the BVI & can't wait to get back. For the best meal of your life, head to Brandywine Bay. You will not be disappoointed. If you do some day trips, Jost Van Dyke is a great choice, and Anegada is an even better choice!

One word of attention to the cruise ship schedule. They invade the island and certain beaches, so you'll want to steer clear of those!

Have fun! I've got 70 days to go for my return trip!

brandy said...

I'm a pretty fantastic big sister but taking a sibling to Disneyland is far cooler than anything I have ever done.


cindy said...

Haha, I expected the virtual flip-off from people. But when you GET to your warm spot in the sun, you'll step over to my side of the fence! ;) Have fun! I'm gonna look up Tortola since you're the first person I've heard of the place from.