Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm still alive, I promise:-)

I am dreadfully sorry for being so lax in my blogging duties...I have been incredibly busy and have barely had a moment to breath! But, I am pretty much past the crunch of one work-related thing, so I can check in now. Actually, it has been a really interesting couple of days work-wise.

I have been meeting with a whole bunch of executives and board members at a company that we have been looking at. My job is to kinda snoop around a bit and find out what the real power and authority structure is like (i.e., which overpriced executives can be let go without any real impact on the company because they don't do anything worthwhile.) And this place has a really interesting structure. The COO runs the place, and as best I can tell, the other four members of the Senior Management team are all basically extraneous. Interesting.

Anyway...the weekend was awesome! Very busy, and I am very tired, but it was a lot of fun. Munchkin did really well in her basketball tournament, and we had a really fun road trip to get there and back. She cracks me up:-). I took The Boy out for dinner (belated birthday) on Saturday night, and he stayed over and we did all kinds of dirty things that I am not gonna tell you about:-P.

I wish I had more time to cover today's primaries, but I don't really. Nutshell: I loved the Jack Nicholson ad, but Clinton is dead. Her only hope at this point is something really unforeseen (like winning all of the races today.) She is just too far behind to catch up at this point without the help of something catastrophic to his campaign.

Sorry for the rushed post...work calls. I will be wordier tomorrow, I promise!


anne said...

How've I missed this Jack Nicholson ad???

AaroN said...

A wordier AM? Spare us the drama! :P