Saturday, March 29, 2008

Safe returns

So...I am back. Did you even notice I was gone? Maybe, if you read the post where I said I was leaving...

Where was I? Well, it turns out that I was extremely close to one of my very favorite bloggers. And in fact, may have been in the exact same hotel...I have to check with her on that. It was a work-related trip, which means very little fun was had at all. In fact, I worked a TON and other than a couple hours of compiling notes by the pool, did little that would even border on "leisure".

And now I am extremely happy to be home! I haven't slept in my own bed nearly enough in the last two weeks, and I am really exhausted. The Boy is coming over later on and has promised to make me dinner:-). That could well mean takeout, which is fine by me! Munchkin is hanging out with some friends all night.

We just took her cousin back to the airport, and I think they had a really nice visit. I am glad that she got to have some family out to show what she does with herself all the time! She brought her to school one day, took her to a couple of her favorite restaurants for dinner, and showed her what chicken finger Thursdays are all about:-).

And now I feel like I have nothing to share with you of note. How can that be? I have written like three posts in the last two weeks, I feel like I should have something to tell you that I haven't yet. But I really don' I that boring? I did manage to get through all 145 blog entries in my Reader, so maybe I just feel like all the good topics have been taken because I just read them all:-P.

Or possibly I just need some sleep! Hopefully I will be more creative tomorrow when I am well rested. And after I get laid, which I am also in dire need of...after a couple of days I start to get really agitated and fidgety. Five days is just plain unfair. So, Munchkin being out with her friends is gonna be convenient;-).

Well, Happy Saturday, I guess:-). Hope you didn't miss me too much!


brandy said...

I have no idea how any would be able to get any work done in Vegas. I bow to your work ethic. And seriously? That's nuts that we were so close to each other!!

Ally said...

I missed your pretty tattoo on IM!

I'm definitely surprised you don't have more to write, but I have a feeling the tide will turn quickly:)

Love that song by James btw!

pneumoniaBoy said...

Wow. Looks like you finally burned out. :P

nicole d. said...

I always miss your posts when you are gone, even the not terribly exciting ones. Too bad you did not know Brandy was going to Vegas too. That would have meant two of my favorite bloggers in the same room!

Ys said...

I'm glad you got home safe - hope you had fun making up for all those days away ;)

i find i have the same problem: the less i blog the less i have to write about. which doesn't really make much sense.