Sunday, March 23, 2008

Like taking candy from a bunny

Happy Easter everyone:-) We got home yesterday afternoon safe and sound, just in time for me to sneak out to the store, fill up and Easter basket with chocolaty goodness and hide it for Munchkin. I know she is getting a little bit old for this, but I am gonna do it as long as I can get away with it:-)

We had kinda of weird weather for most of the week. It was really nice...warm and sunny for the most part. But it was a little breezy and the waves were CRAZY huge. I guess there was a storm way out in the Atlantic or something and it made for some really crazy surf. So, really we couldn't go in the water much for a couple days, but that wasn't a huge deal.

Other than that, the whole week was awesome! Really relaxing, lots of fun...the island is really beautiful, and the house was spectacular. Munchkin and her friends were super easy, even without the swimming, they entertained themselves the whole time. OK, so maybe the cute boys from New York that took a liking to them captured their attention for most of the time.

Actually, totally randomly, the three of them met these four boys on like our second day there. They wanted to go over the their house for an afternoon, so I took them over to make sure that it was all copacetic, and ran into a guy I know through work. They were there with one of the kids parents and grandparents, and the grandfather is a guy that goes way back with Papa Bear and runs a similar firm to ours in New York. Small world, ain't it?

Anyway, now we are back to the grind, and I have a long week ahead of me. It is also still really cold and wintry here...seriously, this winter shit has GOTTA leave. Isn't it spring already here? Because it sure doesn't look like it to me...

I have to travel all week, which will be sort of a pain. I will be in the office all day Monday, and then have to fly out Tuesday morning and back on Friday. I would rather not turn around and go right out like this, but what can you do? The fact that I am grossly overpaid means that once in a while I have to put up with this shit. Ahh, well.

And, I have no idea whether Munchkin's cousin is coming out to stay with her this week or I should probably get that figured out, eh? When I talked to her a week ago she was trying to see if she could get the time off from work, and I still have to talk to her and find out if she is coming. It is actually not a big deal...we either need to pick her up at the airport tomorrow night or Smoking Hot Roommate is on Munchkin duty for the week. Maybe with some help from Big Sis:-).

Today is Easter, and we are going to The Boy's parent's house for dinner. Well, me and him are...Munchkin is hanging with SHR and family. She is at church with Papa Bear right now, so I am safe in the knowledge that I will burn in hell only for ignoring Easter on my own, and not additionally for encouraging a minor to...

And that, I guess, is about all:-) Happy Easter.


Are You Willing to Change? said...

Haha! Sounds like you had a great week! I hate flying out on a trip for week, especially after being gone previously! I hope you had a fun and relaxing Easter! Have a great week!

pneumoniaBoy said...

Ah, welcome back.

Fun fact I learned while you were gone: More folks walk to work in Boston than any other city.. but you prolly already knew that. ;)

Accidentally Me said...

Hmm...actually, I did not know that. But I guess it makes sense. I do, so everyone else probably does, too, right?

ella said...

I missed Easter service too. I basically slept right through it. This new job is taking a lot of brain power!