Monday, July 28, 2008


I am so fucking tired I can barely think. And I have a lot of work that I should be doing, but that likely will have to wait until tomorrow because I am way too tired to do anything well. I slept very little on Saturday night and didn't get home until very late last night, so I am desperately in need of about 12 straight hours in my bed. Oh, and what greets me in my Reader this morning? A whole post about beds... Aaron, you are not helping!

So, today you get the nutshell version.

The Body and I got there with no trouble on Thursday. And the weather cleared just about exactly as we got there;-). And, miracle of miracles...our dresses still fit and required no last minute fixes.

Cookout with a lot of family members on Thursday, lovely. Beach all day Friday, also lovely. The rehearsal was ultra-quick (good!) and dinner afterwards was really nice, too. Very casual and a great time.

Spent some time on the beach Saturday morning before we had to get ready. Limo brought us to a really nice spa for lunch, hair and getting dressed. Munchkin was gorgeous...she gets prettier all the time. I made her get ready before I had my makeup done...because of the crying;-). Smoking Hot Roommate had to have hers is not as good a planner as I am!

I can't even describe how good SHR looked. She is just so physically striking, and so confident, and she was just so happy. I know I have told you that she looks like Charlize Theron when she is all dressed up, but I am not even sure that does her justice (she has better cleavage than Charlize does:-P).

Wedding was beautiful! It was a little too breezy to have it on the beach, but it was perfect in the front yard (the house is right on the beach, but there is a large lawn on the opposite side of the house, and the house and some trees block the wind when it is a little windy.) The Boy was, in my totally objective and unbiased opinion:-), the best looking guy in the place. Something about tuxedos...

The reception was fantastic, too. I danced all night, got to spend some time with some people I don't see enough and didn't even drink too much (although that last part is open to interpretation). The Boy and I took a very, very long walk on the beach after it was over (OK, a medium length walk, but we stopped to sit on the rocks and drink most of a bottle of champagne for a while...we may have even made out a little bit:-P).

Big Sis gave a toast that was absolutely brilliant. I am going to try and get the whole text from her and post it...but it was just outstanding. And she has some a magnetism and is so comfortable in front of a was really special. Not quite as tear inducing as her sister's was last year;-).

The party ran really late (like, until the sun came up;-)) which made it hard to get out of bed for brunch at like 9:30, but I managed. I even managed to look really cute! Spent most of Sunday just hanging out with people, packing stuff up and sort of winding down. Then I had to get a bunch of people to the airport last night, and by the time that was all over with and I had everything unpacked and yada yada yada, it was about 2:00, and that alarm came REALLY fast this morning.

So, that is my disjointed, exhausted rundown...I will try and do better tomorrow:-)


Erin said...

Hi AM! I randomly came across your blog, and have been kept entertained by your archives for the past week or so while I'm at work. I figured I'd leave you a comment and finally say hello!

laurwilk said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

Hope you get some much needed sleep! I know how that feels!

KT said...

sounds awesome. too bad we can't see some pics. ;)

Ys said...

Aww all sounds lovely :)

Get some sleep, woman!

Nicole D. said...

Congrats to SHR and her sweetie! Glad it was a great weekend. Next year it will be YOU!!!! YAY!!!!

ella said...

So when do I get to see some photos from the "Wedding of the Century"?

AA said...

That blog earned me a personal Email from mom. :P