Monday, July 07, 2008

shhh! i am trying to sleep over here!

hi everyone. please don't talk too loud. my head hurts. a lot. and my throat hurts, and most of my joints do, too. i am not thinking that this will be a very productive week. taking tylenol cold and a whole bunch of vitamin c drops in anticipation of getting sick didn't really help that much. or maybe it did, and this was supposed to be much worse.

as you may gather, the weekend was awesome, but i way overdid it. i just cant stay up for three straight days and get that drunk and not pay some consequences. i knew that, but i still felt like it would be a good idea;-)

we had a blast. the weather was kinda blah...some sun, but some rain, too...but the company was great. much trouble was caused, and i am happy to say that i was responsible for very little of it.

that's all for now. please keep it down...


big Sis said...

I'm glad its not just me.

I feel like I got run over by a fucking school bus, and I was starting to worry that I was too old to hang out with you guys anymore.

Still just me said...

I hope you feel better, get some sleep and drink plenty of water.

KT said...

well i'm glad you had a super time, even if you are paying for it now. feel better!