Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Total Nonsense

This is post #500 since I started blogging...that really seems like a lot. Like, really a lot.

Anyway, I should have something good for such a momentous post, but I don't:-P. I am super busy and have very little time to write, but I got tired of the spreadsheet I was staring at, so I am going to write quickly.

Actually, I have a fun exercise...prompted by the combination of a GoogleChat discussion with e.b. and some random trivia that my co-workers love to ask each other at lunch.

So, I pose to you the following sports-related, totally inane trivia questions. Answer in whatever channel you prefer, and there will be invaluable prizes for the winners (and by "invaluable", I mean "of no value".)

Questions are courtesy of my co-worker, and you can yell at him if the answers are wrong tomorrow.

1) Name all of the professional sports teams (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB) in America that are not named after a city or a state (for example: the Boston Red Sox are from Boston, which is a city. The New England Patriots are named after neither a city nor a state...so there, I gave you one already. )

2) Name all of the professional sports teams in America that have nicknames that do NOT end in "s". One of them is right there in question #1;-)

3) Name two mascots...one professional and one college...that are grammatically incorrect. Not just misspelled like the Red Sox or White Sox, but actually incorrect.

There you have it...those are your questions. Maybe later in the week, if everyone has fun, we can do some non-sports questions. But those happen to be what the trivia buffs around here gave me yesterday....

Have fun:-)


laurwilk said...

I know some of these answers. Am I allowed to answer? What if I ruin it for other people? (I just went to the Sports Museum of America and some of these were questions in the Jeopardy game.)

Okay well not named after a city or state, the only other one I know is Golden State Warriors. There could be a hockey team but I don't know much about hockey.

Teams not ending in S. I thought of Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and the White Sox to go with your Red. I read in SI that Okla City's new team will either be Energy, Thunder or Wind so none of those would end in S.

And the Montreal Canadiens is grammatically incorrect. I think? Right?

I'm dying to know the college one. I want to know all of the answers! My boy is going to LOVE this post!

Accidentally Me said...

Correct on the Golden State Warriors. But there are others:-) And you also have some of the non S's.

But the Montreal Canadiens is not the pro team. That is just a misspelling (I think...I may have to go back to the asker with that one.)

dawn said...

Montreal Canadiens is actually correct -- Canadiens is the French spelling of Canadians. And Montreal is basically a French city. (I know, I lived there as an English chick all my life, until I moved to Connecticut.)

OK, that's it for my sports knowledge. Carry on! :)

laurwilk said...

OH! I THOUGHT OF ONE! Carolina Panthers?

And dangit, I don't know much French. I tried!

laurwilk said...

SHOOT! And Utah Jazz. How did I forget that?
(If I get fired for obsessively writing out every sports team I can think of, it's on you!)

brandy said...

Dawn actually contributed the only thing I could for this post! I'm completely clueless as to the rest of the answers but I'm definitely going to think on them.

Ys said...

Oh I don't know American sports... :(

jamie said...

500!! That's great!

I am not going to embarass myself by even attempting the sports trivia. I'm just not that kind of gal! :)