Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of Mice and Men

My brilliant plan to collect the travelers and get to the beach last night didn't quite work out. We had some really bad storms and the airport got all backed up. The BFF's got in on time, and The Mouth was only about half an hour late, but The Body's flight was about two and a half hours late (much of which was spent in the air, circling...poor thing.)

I ended up bringing the early arrivers to Smoking Hot Roommate's place so that they could all get on the road, and then waited for The Body by myself. And proceeded to get kinda drunk in an airport bar and make her drive At that point it was way too late to catch the ferry, so we went back to my place, grabbed some dinner and stayed there. It was actually pretty fun, in the end! We had some excellent girl time, and did entirely too much teenager-style giggling.

So, now she is still asleep (although I have to wake her soon) and we are gonna get on the road this morning. We can catch the 11:00 ferry and be at the house by 12:30...all in all, not exactly a tragedy:-).

Anyway, now I am really checking out for the weekend, although I will probably approve comments and may even post once or twice if I feel motivated over the next couple of days. Weather is looking pretty good as of now...keep your fingers crossed!


jamie said...

Airport delays--nothing is more frustrating!! Sounds like you are in for a lovely weekend! Enjoy--I hope the weather is great for's sucky here, so hopefully it doesn't come your way!

Anonymous said...

Excellent girl time rocks. :)

Ys said...

Storms? Ooh I love storms :)

Have a great weekend!

Goose said...

Girl time is always a must! Have a great time with everyone!