Thursday, July 03, 2008

Updates and loose ends

Tying up some open issues before the long weekend.

1) Admin and the saga of the creepy old man: I had lunch with Admin yesterday, which I don't do terribly often, but honestly should do more. We girls need to stick together;-) There aren't that many of us here! She didn't have a whole lot to add, and was as irritated by the whole thing as I thought she was. She certainly appreciates the willingness of the partners to stick up for her, but honestly didn't really feel like she needed any sticking up for, and would have been more than willing to let the whole thing go without further comment after last Thursday.

A couple of you asked about the laws surrounding firing ("sacking" as my English readers have noted...please continue to pepper this blog with you adorable lingo...I love it!!!) and I have to admit to knowing only the slightest bit about it. As far as I know, you can fire someone for anything, but they can also sue you for anything;-). On this front, I left out some details in hopes of not coloring the discussion...the guy in question qualifies as a minority, and is over 55. Which means even if the Bank is in the right, they run the risk of a costly and way-too-public age or racial discrimination suit around his termination. Would it happen? Who knows...but large firms are absolutely terrified of having to defend that publicly.

Anyway, I guess it is sort of a dead issue at this point.

2) Car Shopping: Big Sis finally bought a new car, and Smoking Hot Roommate is close. I am not supposed to broadcast that, though (but, yes, I will gladly tell you via email or IM:-P). The important thing is that I will enjoy borrowing it. That is what really matters.

3) BFFg and the Boy I Met in Vegas: A while back, when I was in Las Vegas for work, I met a guy from a firm we were working with who is very sweet, very cute, and very eligible. So, I set him up with one of my two oldest and dearest friends. They went out a couple of times and hit it off pretty well. But then they sort of got sidetracked...he had some work issues, and she went through a super busy stretch and they both sort of thought that the other wasn't really into it that much.

Well, he called her last week to see if she wanted to catch up again, telling her basically "I was trying to think of a reason why we didn't go out again, and I really don't think there is a good one." She had sort of been thinking the same thing, so they went out again last Saturday, which she described as "Absolutely phenomenal. I really like him." She is coming in for the bachelorette party this weekend, and is going to give me the complete rundown. But it looks good for the moment:-). BFFb says that she is totally smitten...we shall see.

4) Totally fired up for the weekend! As mentioned, BFFg is coming in for the party, and The Body and The Mouth are both coming as well...I haven't seen either of them in WAAY too long. Add in a bunch of SHR's friends from around here, and many funs will be had! And just enough single girls for the prowling to remain interesting;-).

In the meantime, The Rocket Scientist's bachelor party is this weekend as well. They are headed to the Cape to hang out and do some golfing. As of now, The Boy is planning on joining them on Saturday, but he could get motivated and go for the whole thing. I think they are taking a party bus to one of the casinos on Saturday night, and I am sure they will find their way into a place like Zachary's or the Foxy Lady, too (Google them if you can't figure it out). Us girls are so much

That's about it...hope everyone has a happy, healthy and fun Fourth of July! I will catch you all on Monday (maybe).


Jenn said...

Have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I can't wait to read your post today with all the details!

Ys said...

all sounds like heaps of fun! i hope you had a great time :D