Friday, July 13, 2007

Half a Friday:-)

Happy Friday, everyone. I am a moderately superstitious person, but Friday the 13th doesn't really get to me. Nothing bad has ever happened to me, so I somehow think that I am not on the magic list of "people that bad things happen to on Friday the 13th." Plus I am in a good mood because today is a short day with golf in the afternoon and a cookout tonight.

I still have some more substantial blog topics floating around in my head, but those are not really Friday kinda topics, so I will hold them until next week.

I may be out on Monday. The guys are - kinda last minute - going to Las Vegas tomorrow morning until Wednesday, and we feel like that entitles us to extend our weekend by an extra day. That makes sense, right? Makes sense to me, and that is all that counts:-P A surprisingly large number of girls at the bachelorette party (like 6) have attachments at the bachelor party, so it should be a pretty easy sell. If I am not around Monday, it is because I am hanging out on the beach with a frozen drink in Newport;-)

For those that asked, my actual birthday is July 22nd, which is a week from Sunday, and for which I will be accepting good wishes up to and past that date:-) Feel free to set your Outlook reminders, first person to say Happy Birthday that day wins a prize:-) I think there is some fun stuff in store, but I will let you know more when I know more.

Papa Bear reminded me this morning that it was almost exactly two years ago that he yelled at me for the only (It is towards the end of the very long "Introducing Smoking Hot Roommate" post.) Good thing I listened to has worked out pretty darn well;-)

Anyway, today is a half day for me and I intend on doing virtually nothing all day:-) So if you have any emails of IM's for me, I will be most appreciated:-D


Ys said...

Have a great weekend! :D I'm jealous you'll be at the beach - it won't stop raining here in the UK :/

Airam said...

Happy early Birthday!

People always say happy belated birthday ... i think that we should be wishing early birthdays as well.

Scotty said...

Golf and a cookout... sounds like a great way to start the weekend...

Accidentally Me said...

ys - Part #1 of this bachelorette party was in London, and it was raining then, too! But still really fun:-)

Airam - That is a really good point! Let's start a trend!

Scotty - Agreed! And now that it is noon...I am out!

2xA+r0n said...

Wishing you a happy birthday now because I know I'll forget next week! :D

Ally said...

This is the longest bachelorette party ever. Hope you have fun!

brandy said...

I was going to freak out and drop the all caps with a 'your birthday is exactly ONE month before mine' squeal, but then I realized I already knew this. Since, you know, I already had yelled it from my computer before. I will now never forget your birthday and am looking forward to winning this prize!

Kate said...

wow y'all sure do travel a lot. that's awesome. i'm so jealous. wish i could just get away for the weekends.

have fun.

Accidentally Me said...

2X - Appreciated, but to be eligible for the prize, you have to do it the day of;-)

Ally - We tend to do them a couple days at a time. Of course, when you factor in the time in London a month ago, this one is long. That's ok, Big Sis rules:-) She deserves a big party!

Brandy - All caps would have been completely appreciated:-) The prize is brilliant beyond words!!!

Kate - I manage to get away pretty often:-) Especially in the summer when my love of the beach really comes through!!!