Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sweet Dreams

I slept like I was dead last night...and it was awesome! Munchkin and Smoking Hot Roommate were watching baseball, so I went to be at about 8:30. Being kind of tired, I asked The Boy if he would give his very sleepy and super adorable girlfriend a back rub:-) Yes, this is one of my very favorite forms of foreplay, and yes, that is fully what I had in mind at the time.

So I got undressed and stretched out in bed. Then he started rubbing my shoulders. Then it was 7:15 and The Boy was telling me I had to wake up to go to work...lol. I think I was awake for less than 60 seconds after my head hit the pillow. And I didn't wake up when he came to bed, or when he got up at about 6:30...(seriously, falling asleep before sex? I am not sure that has ever happened before.)

Wait a minute...maybe he never even came to bed!!! Maybe him and Smoking Hot Roommate are having an affair behind my back!!! Sorry...the paranoia needs a new outlet this week:-)

As a result, I feel much better today, although I am still kinda looking forward to going back to sleep tonight:-) In addition, I need to rest up, because this weekend is gonna be one heck of a bender, and I can't wait!

As I have mentioned, my very dear Big Sis (my pretend older sister, not to be confused with my pretend younger sister, or my two real younger half-sisters) is getting married on Saturday, July 28. She is one of my very favorite people on Earth, one of my heroes, and someone I would very much like to be more like if I could. I am happy beyond words that she has found a wonderful, loving guy that makes her laugh, challenges her and just basically makes her happy. Also, he is kinda easy on the eyes;-)

But that doesn't mean that we can't tear some shit up on one of her last weekends as a single girl:-) The basic plan goes something like this...golf on Friday afternoon with all of the boys from the bachelor party. This is kind of a late addition to the agenda...the guys were already golfing, but since Big Sis, Munchkin and I took the game up last month, we (and two other girls) are playing with them. Yes, it is likely that SHR will take all of their money before they realize that she is WAY better than any of them. And they won't even care because she is just so ridiculously hot...lol.

After golf, we are having a barbecue at Big Sis and SHR's cousin's house (which happens to be the house they grew up in, which their cousin bought from Papa Bear...get it?) This, too, is a boys and girls affair and will allow all sorts of various parents and relatives to attend some part of the festivities that aren't completely debaucherous. Mostly, Big Sis wanted to do it so that the littlest bridesmaid didn't feel too left out:-) (She already got ticked that we didn't bring her to London:-P)

From there we are splitting up with the boys. I have no idea what they are doing, and I feel like I don't wanna know...lol. As for us, we are hoping to blow outta town by about 9:00 on Friday and head to one of the casinos in Connecticut for the night. Since the bride and her maid of honor are both compulsive gamblers (I kid...sort of) we have to get some casino time in. We will probably also drink a lot:-) Just a hunch.

On Saturday we are going to Newport, which should be awesome. Hopefully, we can get everyone up and moving at a decent hour so that I can get some time on the beach! Or at least by a pool:-) Then we are just gonna go out, drink, dance, tease boys and just basically have fun. I make jokes about debauchery, but it will most certainly be pretty innocent. Or maybe not;-)

Anyway, that is enough for today:-) Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.


notbubbly said...

I am so glad that not only are you doing better but now you have a good night's sleep under your belt as well. It's amazing how important that is to you well being!

And thank goodness SHR isn't doing a male stripper!

e.b. said...

does the little one get to come along for the weekend trip?

Accidentally Me said...

Notbubbly - I am assuming there are no male strippers lined up, but only SHR really knows that for sure. She is running this party! I am pretty sure Big Sis would kill her if she tried, though...

e.b. - She does not...she would be the littlest bridesmaid:-) That is why we are having the barbecue, so she can come to that. Her and Papa Bear have a date the rest of the weekend.

Scotty said...

Newport... Rhode Island? If so, I used to live there! Good place..

Accidentally Me said...

Scotty - Yup, that's the one. I have been there before and had a good time...so I am looking forward to it.