Monday, July 02, 2007

The Fam is Gone

I only have a little time to blog today, and it is sorta late in the day. And truth be told I am in kind of a shitty mood, but I am not gonna go into it. Maybe next week. The weekend was really nice, so I can tell you about that:-)

We had fun Friday, and then Saturday was absolutely beautiful, so the family got one last beach day in before we had to leave. I was really sad to see them was great to see them, great to show them "my world" and really just a lot of fun to hang out with them as much as I got the chance to. Mostly I just miss my little Tinkerbelle:-( It is sort of frustrating to find a little sister you never knew about, and only get to see her a couple of days a year. I guess I am glad I get at least that much, but I wish I could see her more. Maybe as she gets older and can travel on her own...

Anyway, my aunts and uncles put together a sort-of Thank You package for Papa Bear and Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis for being so nice, and letting them use the house. I tried to tell them ahead of time that they are just that nice...but you sorta have to see it to really get the idea:-) I couldn't think of a better pretend family to have been quasi-adopted by:-)

Munchkin is still at the beach...she stayed down there with Big Sis and The Brain Surgeon, who are taking a little mini-vacation through Wednesday. So I have a couple more days to be off the leash a bit, which is kinda nice. But then I miss her, so I don't know what I want:-P

That's about it. Sorry for the short post, but no one is gonna be reading today anyway. Or tomorrow, but I am sure I will write tomorrow, too. Going away for a long weekend with The Boy and his family Wednesday to Sunday, which should be good, I will write more about that tomorrow.


2xA+r0n said...

blah, no beach pics!

This Is Because I Can Spell Konfusion With A K & I Like It said...

Awww, yes, they do sound really nice! :) Wish my family was that nice hehe!

Yes, do blog about your vacation with The Boy; he sounds cool as well 8)


Scotty said...

I read today!

Hope you feel better, at the very least you have some good time off to look forward too.

Accidentally Me said...

2X - Not today, no:-) But a couple of friends are coming to visit later this summer, and I will do my best to get all the super hot bodies into bikinis and take pictures for you;-)

Konfusion - Yea, he is pretty cool. I just may keep him;-) And I wish my family was that nice, too:-P

Scotty - Yea, I almost sorta wish I was gonna be by myself, but the time is good no matter what form it comes in!