Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looooong winters

Ella, I am warning you...there is Runway talk in the next paragraph...skip ahead if you didn't watch...

Human hair?!?!? What the fuck? I don't wanna wear clothes with someone else's hair as a trim! And I don't know anyone that would!!! It actually looked OK, though:-) I liked the way this season worked, with the "playoff" match of sorts, and I think they should incorporate that into future seasons. And I am glad Rami won, although I am not nuts about his line, and I feel like one of the others will win. Jillian's looked really promising, but kinda drab...

OK Ella, it is safe to read again:-D

Today is really kind of a foul day. It is cold and windy, and there is a nasty snow squall kicking around. It was not a very pleasant walk to work this morning. And...apparently the T is running slow, so tons of people are late. Where is Green Line Boy when we need a report on the status of the Green Line?!?!?!

This is, without a doubt, the worst time of year for weather around here. It gets cold in a lot of places in December, and lots of places get snow, but the real misery of living in the Northeast or the Upper Midwest (or, I guess, Canada) is that spring comes SOOO late. I am sure that Aaron and Ally can chime in on how there are already plenty of signs of spring down south (even though Ally's last post was about I talked to The Body yesterday and she reports that it is just divine in Phoenix. And e.b. is totally and completely banned from this conversation.

But here, and for Jessie and So Midwestern, and LPEG and Brandy, winter is still firmly entrenched. And will be for quite a while now. By the end of next month we will probably start to see some warmer weather, but it was still snow well into April, and most of May and the first half of June usually include lots of very cold rain.

The upside is that we get beautiful summers and wonderful falls. And the first half of winter can be really pretty and delightful. But this second half of winter (or, "spring" as it is called in many other places) is really miserable. Ahh well, there was a time when I had more to complain about than the weather, and that is a good thing.

Chicken fingers tonight! And I am out of the office tomorrow, and probably Monday, and have a really busy weekend, so this could be the last you hear from me until Tuesday. But, no catastrophes, I promise:-) I may write something over the weekend if I get a chance, but I can't promise it.

Munchkin has a basketball tournament on Saturday that is going to take up most of my day. I could skip it, but I don't want to:-P. I have a date with The Boy Saturday night...this is a make-up from being snowed out last weekend. Munchkin is staying at her friend's house...hee hee. On Sunday morning I am going to a brunch with The Boy's family for a great aunt's birthday that they have every year...Munchkin is a "maybe" for that. And then I have a million errands to run Sunday afternoon, and plans to meet some friends for dinner. So, nothing terribly exciting, just kinda busy.

Somehow, you will all have to manage without me:-)


Ys said...

aww that sucks that the weather's so bad. i don't think we're having snow this year. not we're having spring yet. it's just cold - a lot.

enjoy your weekend! it's mother's day here on sunday so i've got my mother and my boy's mother to see so that'll be a busy day :)

Ally said...

After visiting Boston in the months of February and May year before last I realized I could never live somewhere with that type of weather (more than the cold it's the lack of sunlight that bothers me), but kudos to you for being much tougher than me.

Hope you have a super weekend!! I'll be shocked if you don't post for five days though:)

ella said...

Thanks for the heads up AM! I actually did watch Project Runway last night.

And it was close to 80 degrees out here yesterday. ;p

brookem said...

Oof, I'm SO done with this weather. Bring on the Spring!

AaroN said...


It's still dipping into the 20s/30s here at night, but a few warm days tricked the Dogwoods to bloom!

Jessie said...

We are about to start month 4 of "one of the worst winters in Wisconsin history" because "it's usually either a cold winter or a snowy one, but not both like this year!" and you know? I'm not really that annoyed by it.

(by the way, I used those terms in quotes because I've heard them ~ 1 MILLION times)

I think that Wisconsin and I were meant to be. This is my first winter here and I'm still sane. Yeah, I admit I wouldn't mind some spring, but I'm not full of hate for Winter yet either. I'm sure my family and friends and new WI friends thought I'd want to run back towards California screaming like a banshee by now, but no.

I will hope, for your sake, that spring makes its way to you VERY soon!

Goose said...

Ahhh, I hate the cold weather too! Its been so nice here lately but we woke up to more snow and -8 degree weather. I don't think Spring is ever going to come!