Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh Tevya, where are you when I need you?

Another super busy day today, so I only have a couple minutes to write and then I am going to be out of the office all day. But I sort of have a question for the group...a work-etiquette question.

What are the policy outlines on trying to set people up with business associates?

Here is the deal...One of the guys from the firm we were working for last week lives in Chicago. I spent a bunch of time with him, and he is a really good guy. Good looking, smart, interesting, really nice, makes gobs of money and just generally seems like a really good guy. He mentioned that he had sort of recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend and is just starting to date again.

Well, the more I think about it, the more I want to set him up with the beautiful, charming and all around super-hot BFFg. From what I know, I think they'd have a good time and would really like each other.

But is that kosher? I am gonna run this by Boss Foxy, and will take her advice, whatever it is, but I still wanna hear what everyone else thinks. Is it totally out of line to ask that kind of a personal question of someone that you only know a little bit, and completely professionally? I am pretty sure that he would go out with her just based on my telling him he should...obviously he is not a super close friend, but we did get the chance to talk a lot last week.

Any thoughts? Other than "AM, you would have been much happier as a matchmaker", which is very true;-)


Jenny said...

I think setting someone up with a work colleague is ok. The situation isn't about you or benefiting you or any other ethical muckiness ....

The only thing that might make it icky is "he had sort of recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend and is just starting to date again." But that really depends on him and how long ago the break up was and how ready he is to move on.

As someone "sort of recently" (6 months) out of a long term relationship who THOUGHT she was ready to date ... let's just say that I recently realized I definitely am not. And I feel bad for the guy who thought I was. But I think if BFFg KNEW that going in to it, it would be a totally different and more up front situation (this guy I speak of, did not. Because I'm a jerk I guess.)

Anyway, welcome back!! (Why do my comments always turn into epic novels?)

kristin b said...

tevya! ha! i love Fiddler on the Roof!!

i would do it. what have they got to use. but then, interoffice dating goes on a great deal at my office!! as long as everyone's mature about it - it should be fine!! who could say no to an opportunity?

Ally said...

If I were you, I think I wouldn't exactly set them up but would facilitate them being in the same place. Like you all meet up for drinks the next time you're in Chicago. If they hit it off, he can get her number, but if there are no sparks, there's no feeling of obligation/awkwardness.

You know it's no fun to give advice/thoughts to someone who has already said she isn't going to take it, right?

pneumoniaBoy said...

Um, I think I'd pass this time.

Trish Ryan said...

Why not try? If he lives in another city it seems safe enough, no? But then again, I love love stories, so I'd always go for it :)

nicole d. said...

Can you please try to matchmake for me??? I think this should be fine, I am interested to hear what Boss Foxy says.

Accidentally Me said...

Jenny - I like long comments! They make me smile and feel loved:-). I am not really worried about the recent break-up, although I suppose it could be an issue. He talked about it pretty easily and I didn't get any weird vibes...but you never know...

Kristin - It wouldn't be interoffice at all...just me setting him up with my friend. My only concern would be "What if it was a disaster?" but I think that is not a huge deal.

Ally - I would have to set them up. It's not like I know him well enough to say "hey, let's grab a drink". It would have to be for the express purpose of introducing them, or else it would seem weird.

PnB - Thanks for the concise reply:-P

Trish Ryan - That is kind of my feeling...I just want to make sure that the people I work for don't think it would be a bad idea.

Nicole - Well, you will have to move someplace where I know some

Are You Willing to Change? said...

That doesn't sound too bad to me...I've set up a friend that I work with with one of my boyfriends friends before, and they are still dating. It's had it's up and downs, but it's not too bad. And no one has ever said anything bad.

Christi said...

I say do it...and come back and keep us posted on the outcome =)