Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Sunday Stuff

Happy Sunday morning:-) I don't blog on Sunday often, so I guess today is special!!

I was up really early, so I have already been to the gym (more on that in a second), showered, made breakfast and am ready to relax for a bit. Munchkin had two friends sleep over last night, so they are just getting up now, and I will have to get them home.


They have discovered the concept of extensive home skin care, so they spent the bulk of yesterday shopping for skin care products and then giving each other facials. After they finished with themselves, they needed new volunteers, so I happily obliged. Actually, they did a pretty good face cloth, cleanser, exfoliater, a mask, moisturizer...pretty comprehensive! And my skin feels pretty good today, so I am a fan.


When I was at the gym, I read the most recent issue of Maxim, or at least most of it. Amanda Bynes? Not quite a little girl anymore...yowzas. Munchkin and I rode in an elevator with her like four years ago at the Cambridgeside Galleria when she was out promoting some movie or another. Even though it was late, and her "work day" was pretty much over, she was super sweet and chatted with Munchkin the whole way down to the garage (I didn't actually recognize her). So, I always liked her, and have since decided that "What a Girl Wants" is totally awesome. However, it is very clear that she has grown up quite a bit since then...


Big news around here is that we have a special Senate election on Tuesday to fill the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. It is kind of a funny situation...there is no reason at all to believe that this should be a close race, yet the polls show the Republican leading by a couple of points. The Democrats, who should be winning by 30 points (there are something like four registered Democrats for every Republican in the state, Obama has higher approval ratings here than virtually anywhere else, the wildly unpopular health care bill is still polls about 50/50 here, it is the bluest of blue states, etc.) are suddenly panicked, and have called in all of the heavyweights to try and save the election.

Bill Clinton was here Friday, Obama is here today and they sent a whole bunch of operatives over the last week or so. In addition, the Democratic National Committee has committed like half a million dollars, and the big left-affiliated special interests have spent tons of money, too. The right-leaning interests have done the same, but for them it is with a totally different spirit...they are seeing a totally unwinnable seat that they may be able to win, while the left is panicked over losing something that they absolutely, positively can't imagine losing.

I am a little torn. Martha Coakley is the Democrat, and I think she would make a better Senator than a campaigner (which is good, since she is a terrible campaigner:-)). Scott Brown is the Republican, and while he is super hot, I am not sure that there is really that much substance to him. However, he remains the best and most realistic chance to kill this asinine health care bill, which is kind of the most pressing current issue. So, my question I vote for the person that I basically like more, even though I like the other one better on the biggest current issue?

One thing that may help...given the relative strength of the two parties in Massachusetts, should he win, he will face a very strong contender with lots of money and lots of support in three years when he is up for re-election. If she wins, she will be there for life. So, the idea of voting for him now, and then running him out in three years is not totally implausible.

I understand that this has become a relatively big story nationwide in the last couple of anyone have any thoughts based on what you hear elsewhere?


Ys said...

I have a question :) I'm not sure if I missed a post where you discussed it but... why are you against the new health care bill? It is the same one that was meant to bring in a NHS-style health care system for the US and then they bottled it and went for something completely different, right?

I just wondered what your take on it was. Coming from a country where we all have free health care I just wondered why so many Americans are against the idea. I just wondered what you thought of it all :)

brookem said...

i share similar sentiments as you on this election. i have been going back and forth for a while now. it's too bad that the whole thing is boiling down to this one issue, healthcare. but, that's the reality of it. it's short sighted, but it's the reality right now for this election.

Windy City Kelley's said...

I love Amanda Bynes - she seems so sweet in real life!

What are your thoughts on the outcome of the election anyway?