Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010

Happy New Year everyone:-) Hoping everyone is feeling happy and healthy and rip-roaring ready to tackle the new year. I know I am!

Obviously, this is gonna be a big year in AM-land, and things will look a whole lot different next New Year's than they do today. Also, I managed to spend New Year's Eve in a totally new and different way...sober!!! Can't tell you the last New Year's Eve that I wasn't completely loaded for:-) Maybe when I was about 16? Not real sure...but it was a new experience:-)

Went to a friend's house that was pretty low-key for a while but was really getting revved up at about 11:00. Tinkerbelle was a little tired, and starting to get a little overwhelmed, so we left at that point...I got my New Year's kiss early, and then got to talk to Munchkin while we were walking home (St. Thomas is an hour ahead, so it was past midnight for her...she kissed no one, which I am totally OK with...hee hee).

It was sort of a reminder of how different my sisters are. When Munchkin was 10, I would have had no problem keeping her out all night (provided she had napped:-)) at a party at someone's house. And, she wouldn't have really even required that much supervision...she is super-confident, really outgoing and comfortable enough around my friends to have a good time on her own. Tinkerbelle, on the other hand, is much more shy and definitely gets overwhelmed with crowds and noise. She also doesn't know as many of my friends or know them as well, but mostly she is just a little more timid. To be honest, Tinkerbelle is the "normal" one...and Munchkin is the weirdo;-)

Tinkerbelle actually rallied a bit on the way home, and since it was not super cold, we stayed out to sort of enjoy the evening and then watch the midnight fireworks. The city was crowded, but not a total madhouse, and we had a good time just sort of enjoying the energy and all the lights and stuff. Kinda nice:-)

I am not making any specific resolutions. My only real goal for the year is to have two healthy little baby girls, and I can't think of anything that I need to resolve to do in order to make that I will pass on resolving anything. it is bed time. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Accidentally Me said...

Also...St John is also an hour ahead...I guess I got my Virgin Islands mixed up:-)

MrsV said...

After taking a week or so off from reading I have finally made it to 2010! I'm almost caught up :) can't wait to see what 2010 brings/brought, your blog has been quite the read so far!