Sunday, January 03, 2010

Weather Delays

The snow around here is causing all kinds of issues with various travelling parties...

Tinkerbelle was supposed to leave on Saturday morning, but the snow delayed things, and rather than sit at the airport all day, we just swapped her flight to today. And then that got delayed again because it snowed even more this morning. The whole flight pattern became such a cluster that it was unclear whether or not she would get any flight today, so we just went ahead and rescheduled her for tomorrow.

So, she is going to end up missing some school, but what can you do? If all goes according to plan, she will get out early enough tomorrow that she can maybe get to school for the afternoon, unless her Mom just decides to keep her home instead. It does, however, mean that I got an extra two days worth of visiting from her, and I won't complain about that:-). Surprisingly, this is not the first time that a visit of hers has been extended (long time readers may remember that she came to visit in the summer of '08 when her Mom had back surgery and ended up staying much longer than anticipated.)

Munchkin was supposed to get back at about dinnertime on Saturday, but they had all kinds of issues getting here as well. They did, however, make it into Boston around midnight, and I got a very tired Munchkin back not long after that. As I am sure you would expect, she had a great time, and she has a killer tan and looks awesome. Her hair got super blond in the sun am still jealous:-). No foreign boy stories this least none that interested her as much as Frenchie did last year.

The travel troubles also had a nice unintended consequence in that it gave Munchkin and Tinkerbelle some time to hang out today. They really do get along well, so they enjoyed the chance to spend the day together today.

Um...let's see what else...I have virtually nothing to do this week!!! I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday, and I am going to Munchkin's school to talk to a group of the older girls about finance and stuff (I talked Boss Foxy into doing the same thing a couple of years ago...and it inspired my favorite post ever, linked over there to the right -> ). I put in a call to a girl in my class at school whose background is more general management in technology, and hopefully she will be able to come with me.

Beyond that, lottsa trashy TV, reading and enjoying the peace and quiet!!!


Our Happy Married Life... said...

sounds like you are having a good 2010 so far! gotta love extra time with the little sisters. i've officially decided i need a redo on ringing in the new year. Bomb shells have dropped since Jan 1. ahhhh!

Ys said...

It's only been snowing on and off here... everyone seems to be getting really bad snow but for us it's been the ice that's been the real trouble. I'm glad you managed to get everyone home, and hope Tinkerbelle gets back okay :)