Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Holy shit I have written 899 posts in this blog...that is really amazing. It also means I should probably plan something pretty big for #900, right? That seems like a lot of pressure. On the other hand, the first 898 don't all exactly qualify of haute-literature (new pretend words and phrases!) so I can't see where you all expect me to re-do A Tale of Two Cities now.

Anyway, the girls are napping, so I am blogging:-). I definitely love my Wednesdays at home with them, but I would go completely batty if I had to do this every day. There are only so many minutes in a day when I can bounce two bouncy seats and shake toys that make noise before I just collapse from exhaustion:-). I guess if I did this every day, I would probably have a babysitter with me for at least some of the time to at least have an extra set of hands around.

Not much new on that front. LK still has two teeth, and I think her top ones are growing in. She also rolls over all the time and usually sleeps on her side like a little tiny regular person. Not gonna lie, it is pretty freaking adorable. MA remains toothless, but she has been really crabby for a couple of days, so she may be about to get her bottom ones. They just get cuter and cuter every single day!

Guess what is making a comeback tomorrow night? Chicken Fingers!!! The Boy is on baby girl duty while Munchkin and I have our date. Hopefully, it all goes well so that we can get back to doing this weekly. I am willing to make a lot of sacrifices for my little girls, but completely abandoning chicken fingers is NOT one of them!!! If this doesn't work, then I may try bringing one or both of them next week and see if maybe that works.

Munchkin is making her babysitting debut this weekend, too. Not sure which night yet, but The Boy and I are gonna go out for a couple of hours after they go to sleep and leave her home alone with them. Kind of a big step, but she can handle it...even if one wakes up, she just wants to eat and go back to sleep anyway. Most likely they will remain asleep the whole time. Not like we will be far away anyway;-P

Until then, if anyone has any ideas for a 900th post (ideas that don't involve pictures;-)) away!


nikkeedee2001 said...

I think we may be due to see an updated pic of the sweet baby girls!!! Hint ;)

Lisa said...

aaah, I had such a good idea for a blog-post until you said "no pictures" ;-)
What about a glance into the future?
What if you could be your girls' fairy godmother and envision their future like you wanted it?
LK: Aspiring artist living in Paris (where Munchkin has an eye on her while she plays for a Paris soccer team, living with her frenchie)?
MA: not wanting to live far away from LK, so she's studying music in the Netherlands, playing Jazz at nightclubs to pay the bills?

Now THAT would be an interesting post! :D

A said...

Wheeee! 900! Hurray!

Sadly, I don't really have any good ideas for #900. If I start brainstorming now, maybe I'll think of something in time for your 1,000th?

Accidentally Me said...

Oh no! They are five months old and you already have them moving away from me!!! Can I at least wait until they are like 4?

And LK is the singer of the two:-) She loves to hear her own voice!

Lisa said...

Of course I don't want them away from you, I'm talking distant future here :D
So Lk is the singer, eh? Wonderful. If we don't get pictures, maybe a recording of the singing? That would be neat ;)