Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, Monday

Morning folks:-) Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

We managed to pack quite a bit in, all things considered. The Boy and I went to a cookout on Saturday at the house of one of his friends. It was way out in (what I would call) the boonies, but it was a lovely fall early afternoon, so it was nice to enjoy the fresh air. In a month or so, it would have been full of blazing oranges, reds and yellows, but we are too early for all of that.

We ended up staying later than I planned, and the girls fell asleep there, and then went right to bed when we got home. I think this sort of got them out of their sleeping pattern, though, because they were a little kooky yesterday. They took really long late-morning naps, but never really seemed refreshed. We took them to an Oktoberfest festival with some other friends, and they ended up taking long naps again at about 5:00, which then threw their schedules off a bit, and they didn't really fall asleep until 9:15 or so. But they both slept pretty well, so go figure...

Of course, I woke up at 5:15 to the sound of MA's mobile, which she had somehow managed to turn on, and was sitting on her back, holding her feet up and laughing at it. Her sister, however, was much less amused, and in fact quite grumpy over the whole thing... I am still not really sure how she turned it on, I guess she just hit the button while kicking her feet around?

Other than that, not a whole lot going on...Munchkin's first soccer game is this afternoon, and I would like to go, but am not really sure whether I will make it or not. Kinda hard to fit everything into the schedule these days:-) Depends on how much school work I have to do after my last class is out...class ends at 2:45, but I may have to stick around for a while to work on some stuff. We'll see:-)

And Tinkerbelle is coming next weekend!!! Yay!!!

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Lisa said...

yay for Tinkerbelle! I bet she'll love being around the twins