Friday, September 03, 2010

My Name is Earl

So, Hurricane Earl is throwing a wrench into my end-of-summer plans...cutting the whole exercise a little bit short. Rather than sit through a day of rain and foul wind, with a pretty good chance of losing power, we are gonna pack up the girls and head home today before the storm hits.

I am kinda bummed, just because I hate the end of summer, and anything that accelerates it is a crying shame in my book. But I probably would have headed back with Munchkin and Frenchie on Saturday afternoon anyway, so I guess I am not missing that much. And this will at least give me a couple extra days to get settled back in at home.

Speaking of Munchkin...her two pretend sisters and I are launching a full-scale effort to avoid a complete meltdown next week. Recognizing that the end of summer means saying good-bye to her jobs and her friends down here, combined with saying goodbye to Frenchie for at least a couple of months and the general sadness that comes with the end of summer...we are fully anticipating one emotionally wrecked girl this week. Add in the first week of High School and there is just a lot going on at once for her.

Hence, the following plan: give her less than five minutes to herself to think:-). Starting Tuesday, she will be in school, and then have soccer practice until about 5:00 every day. Smoking Hot Roommate is gonna be with her just about all day on Monday (Fantasy Football Draft, of course, combined with some shopping) and is taking her to the Red Sox on Wednesday night. On Tuesday, she and Big Sis have a date and I am bringing her to a back-to-school function for me on Thursday night. She and SHR and another of our friends are leaving on Friday night because they are running a road race on Saturday morning, and they will probably end up staying Saturday night as well.

The idea is to keep her occupied and make sure she is so tired when she gets home every night that she simply falls into bed before she realizes she is sad...plan?

And while we are at it...who could possibly have better big sisters than her?

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Katie said...

Poor Munchkin, she does have a lot to deal with in the next few days :( She'll be fine though I'm sure!

Give us updates on the girls!!! I want to see updated pics too! I bet they're getting so big now.