Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Three things

1) I have at least one regular reader and g-chat correspondent who is wishing very much for something to happen, and is growing frustrated at the current delays. Please send lots and lots of good wishes and positive karma:-) We can gladly take credit when we make it happen!

2) LK has a tooth:-) Both girls are a little grumpy because they aren't feeling great, but she doesn't seem to be irritated by the teething just yet. I am sure that will come soon.

3) Big Sis and Munchkin had a date last night...sushi and cocktails. According to Big Sis, the following took place:

Waiter: May I get you something to drink?
Big Sis: Chardonnay, please.
Waiter (to Munchkin): Two?

Oy...I still have a year and a half until she gets her driver's license, let alone being old enough to drink. Wish me luck.

[I should not that Big Sis, in something of an upset, did NOT allow her to take up the waiter's offer]


Anonymous said...

I found your Blog last week and I still try to catch up (I started at the beginning.....can't wait to figuere out who "both girls" are - even though I have an idea...). I just wanted to leave a comment to tell you that I'm not able to stop reading ;)
Girl from the other continent

Accidentally Me said...

Anon - Oh boy...are you in for some Let me know if you really do read all 900 posts!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing anything for the grumpy teethers? I used to give my kids a clean wet washcloth and let them chew it; it seems to help. You might even try rubbing their gums with a (clean! :) finger, but watch out for baby bites! :D Back in the day, we would give them baby (liquid) Tylenol to reduce the pain, but I don't know if doctors still recommend that any more.


Accidentally Me said...

T - I have some teething rings for them, some of which actually have water in them and go in the freezer to get all cold. And yes, we can still give them baby acetaminophen. Fortunately, the teething hasn't really bothered her yet, I don't think!