Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Day of School

The girls started school today (Day Care, but I feel better calling it "school") which is a little emotional for Mommy. It is possible that, fearing they would feel abandoned, that I made The Boy drop them off this morning:-).

They have a transition period, and today was their first day there without me, and they were there for a grand total of two hours. They did great! They didn't cry at all and they played with their teachers and with the toys at school. They also both ate while they were there, which is good...but they were exhausted when I picked them up. They fell asleep in their car seats on the walk home and haven't woken up yet...it is an hour later now:-)

Munchkin is holding up pretty well...she was definitely a little grumpy for a day or so after Frenchie left, but there haven't been any huge meltdowns and she seems to be OK with the whole thing. She and Smoking Hot Roommate had their fantasy football draft yesterday, which kept her busy most of the afternoon...and the guys in the league (who are all my age) bought her flowers because they were warned about her grumpiness:-)

OK, so one of their wives (who also went to high school with SHR and is a dear, dear friend) bought her flowers in the name of all of them, but the effect was the same. The guys teased her good-naturedly because that is what they do best:-).

That is about all...I have the afternoon to myself with the girls and then all day tomorrow, which is a nice treat. They will be really sick of me by then!

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