Friday, September 10, 2010


My first full (almost) day or work, and it feels like I never left! Well, except for the difficulty in finding something to wear this morning;-). My oft-discussed weight currently stands at about 110 (really, other than the excess boobs, I have only a tiny little bit of belly to show for the whole baby incident:-)), which makes most of my work clothes not quite fit. I will have to address that this weekend...a couple new skirts and a few shirts should do the trick.

Operation Munchkin Distraction seems to be working pretty well. We have kept her fully occupied all week, and Smoking Hot Roommate is taking her away this weekend, so she has had very little time to mope around. She is getting settled into her school routine pretty quickly.

Oh, and have I mentioned that she is in High School. THAT scares me. A lot.

One final note before the weekend, I found out that two people that I introduced got married recently. I knew they were engaged, but didn't know the actual wedding date...and obviously, I am feeling great pride at having made that match. Add that to BFFg's pending nuptials, and I am quite the successful matchmaker. Match.AM, if you will:-)

I'd like to tell you the whole story about their meeting, but I am gonna have to hold that one out of the can ask me elsewhere, though. REALLY good story:-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


cindy said...

As you know, I'm interested in pregnancy weight gain lately. Are you comfortable telling me what you weighed before the pregnancy, and when the weight came on and left?

Accidentally Me said...

Sure! I talk about my weight all the time anyway:-) I weighed about 100 pounds to begin with (98, but close enough) and put on about 40 or 45. I lost most of it pretty quickly...within a month, maybe? But I am still carrying a lot of excess boob, and a tiny bit of stomach softness. Email me and I will give you more details if you want:-)

cindy said...