Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Random, short political thoughts

It is pretty alarming to me that I can go back and read all of my election ramblings from four years ago...that means I have been blogging for a LONG time now. But here we are again, talking about Iowa.

In addition to the absolutely divine Laurwilk, Iowa gives us the opening of election season!!! To be fair, the Iowa caucus is a ridiculous exercise where a very, very small number of people cast what seems to be an inordinately disproportionately influential vote. This is especially true on the Republican side, where the state's small evangelical population exerts major influence on the process that is not at all representative of the broader electorate.

Mike Huckabee won in 2008...just remember that...

So, being the civics geek that I am, I watched many of the returns last night with great interest, and with amazement at the closeness of it. 8 votes...EIGHT VOTES!!! It is almost inconceivable that an election of virtually any size can be decided by only 8 votes. And, of course, I have some other thoughts...

Michelle Bachmann...we hardly knew ya. Who on earth could have possibly seen this coming...?

Rick should take a cue from Ms. Bachmann.

Jon Hunstman...I wish I could tell you why no one cares about you...

Newt should be less Newt-y.

So...moving on. I love Ron Paul. I really do. Very few politicians care less about saying unpopular things, and that is an incredibly admirable trait. There is absolutely nothing about him that is not 100% authentic, and he is perfectly willing to talk about unconventional ideas: his entire foreign policy platform is way off the beaten path, but may make more sense than any of our last half-dozen Presidents, at least.. He was a vocal critic of the Fed well before it was fashionable, and wrote the ideology for the Tea Party long before anyone cared, and has never wavered from it. That said, he is just a little bit too out there to be President;-)

Mitt Romney is going to win the nomination. I have almost no doubt about that...he has more money, a better machine and is a more polished and disciplined candidate than the others. His basic problem is that he just doesn't really inspire an intense following. Lots of respect, sure, but just not a ton of real love. Part of which could just be an inability to identify...he is rich, smart, accomplished, good looking and just about everything else you could want to be...

And finally, yesterday's flavor of the day, Rick Santorum. If you are looking for a good laugh, Google him, and glance over the first couple of entries. In fairness, this is not his fault. But then, if you are wondering what would make Barack Obama the happiest incumbent ever, look at the reasons the people of Pennsylvania threw Santorum out a couple of years ago. This is entirely his fault.


Mrs. Adventure said...

I'm a little weirded out that we disagree. Only because I heart you and to my memory this would be a first.

I LOVE Ron Paul and would agree with everything you've said.

But(there's always a but) I really, really dislike Mitt Romney. Mitt is soooo generic. He's too prepared, too polished. It's like he's a robot always smiling with his perfect white teeth and shiny hair. I'll agree with you on one thing, he is like a machine. He's a career politican and that scares me.

I hate that our country has come to a point that we disagree with a president that thinks outside of the box and then we condem others for changing their minds.

I WANT a president that thinks things through. Takes new items into consideration and if that changes his mind from ten years ago well then he's grown as we have.

Sorry this turned into a long ass comment... lots of love dear.

Accidentally Me said...

I am not really sure that we disagree. That is much of Romney's problem...he just seems sort of slick. One thing, though: he is not a career politician. He was a venture capital/private equity investor, one of the founders of Bain Capital, and he was only Governor for one term. In fact, I have heard a number of folks around here remark that their only complain about his time as Governor was that he quit after (or during his) one term - he seemed to be good at it, but didn't do it nearly long enough.

I am with you on the mind-changing. I have never understood why we kill politicians for changing their mind. I change my mind and admit I was wrong all the time...why shouldn't they?

Kari said...

I love your political posts!

Tiff said...

I love Ron Paul as well. My little bro is such a supporter he ordered us all the "Ron Paul Family Cookbook" for Christmas. What was even better is his sweet looking wife is wearing a little granny sweater with sunflowers on it. Not some big name designer outfit. They are true Americans.