Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So very tired...

Not sure why, but I am completely exhausted today...I hope I am not getting sick. I have gotten plenty of sleep lately, so I shouldn't feel as run down as I do. Ahh well, I will need to make sure to get enough Vitamin C in case I really am getting sick.

Very little surprising from the New Hampshire primary yesterday, and most notably, very little interest. Turnout was low, and it just seems like there is very little interest in any of the Republican candidates. Which is hard to argue with...they are a pretty uninspiring lot. Romney is still going to win, which is probably good news for the President, who should have little trouble winning re-election.

But who saw Ron Paul's speech last night? It was really good, and I guess he remains sort of the wild card in all of this. He is old, kinda grumpy, not very photogenic and is a little bit out there...but I still love him. He is the only person in this race who qualifies as "one who inspires through ideas". I'd love to see him nominated, just because he is so very right about so much (the budget and foreign policy, for starters). I am not sure that I would actually like to see him as President, but I will continue to admire his convictions.

South Carolina is in a week and a half, and unless something really big happens, Romney will look more and more like the nominee. I know that Gingrich is gonna throw a huge negative ad buy at him, but that is going to sink Newt more than Romney...he is going to have to leave the populist "evil business man" shtick to the Democrats. That won't fly in a Republican primary.

And besides...what's so bad about private equity? Some of my favorite co-workers are in private equity!

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