Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Removing the Mask

In my quest to remain slightly anonymous, I have never posted any picture of me here...or of anyone else that I talk about regularly (except the babies when they were really little). While I have sent some of you pictures via email, I have always guarded Munchkin's identity closest of all. I am not sure my reasons for that are totally rational, but I have committed to them.

Today, however, I am presented with a really unique opportunity...I get to show you a picture, without really showing you a picture.

Let's back up. Around noon yesterday, I got a text from BFFg: "holy shit, have you seen the cover of vogue? it is creepin' me out". At that point, I had no idea what she was talking about.

Then an email from another friend a couple hours later. "I was just in CVS and had to do a double take at the magazine rack. If I hadn't have read the name, I would have sworn that Munchkin was posing for Vogue."

Then The Boy came home, and he actually bought the issue because he didn't think I would believe him that the resemblance was that strong (because, of course, I could never find it on my own if he didn't buy it right there!!!)

Finally, while we were walking to school this morning (the one good thing about being back to work is that I get to walk to school with her in the morning) one of her old teachers ran across the street to talk to us, because she was so amazed at the likeness of Munchkin on the newsstand this month.

So, while I have hinted in the past that she bears a striking resemblance, I can now be certain from a variety of independent sources that this picture bears an alarming similarity to my little Munchkin:

Magazine — Taylor Swift: The Single Life


Big Sis said...

People, you gotta understand: that doesn't look like Munchkin, THAT IS HER! Not just a passing resemblance or even a really close resemblance, but an absolute spitting image.

I know what BFFg means, it is almost a little bit freaky to see.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

When people make similar observations like that, independent of one another, there is definitely some truth to what they're saying. Another truth? Munchkin is a beauty. No wonder all the boys fall for her!

Ally said...

Aw, how fun! Munchkin must feel very flattered!

Lisa said...

wow, that's beautiful!
There are worse people you could look like ;)
Now that you showed us Munchkin's magazine cover, is there one of you out there, as well? ;)

A said...

Love it. No wonder the boys adore her so.

steffi2282 said...

I would love to look like that!!
Munchkin is really beautiful!!!!