Thursday, January 12, 2012


The girls are talking up a storm these days, and it cracks me up to no end. MA talks all the time...I mean, all the time. She never stops babbling about something or other (except when she is eating and making "Mmm mmmm" noises). She may not know a whole lot of words, but she certainly tries to say a lot...she has learned "hold me" this week, which just makes me want to gobble her up:-) Last night, she kept pointing to her stomach and saying "tummy", which at first I thought was her saying that her tummy hurt, but eventually we kinda realized that she just figured out that she could get attention that way.

LK talks less, but she seems to have more purpose behind her words. She hates having a dirty diaper, so she now asks to have her diaper changed all the time. Of course, when it is not dirty and she wants it changed anyway...well, that usually leads to a bit of a tantrum. And she still just shrieks a little bit when she is frustrated rather than try to say something, but that seems to be passing.

Talking is a big deal, because it means less crying. So much of a babies crying is out of frustration in not being able to communicate what they want. Often, they just want a blanket or a stuffed animal or a cookie or something, and giving it to them is quite easy...but when they can't tell you what they want, they get angry that they don't have it and frustrated that they can't tell you and then they end up crying. So, even being able to use a few words makes everyone's life a whole lot easier.

And they understand a ton. They absolutely understand relatively complex sentences...we got home the other night and they ran into our bedroom to get our pajamas for us, which they do every day:-). When MA came back with a pair of The Boy's, he asked her "Can you go get me the red ones instead?" and she ran right back, grabbed the right ones and came back. If they ask for milk, you can tell them "go sit on that pillow and I will get it for you" and they understand exactly what that means. And if it is a little chilly, you can tell them to put their hands in their coat pockets and they will.  Needless to say, this a monumental leap forward:-)

Let's see...what else...we finally swapped out their car carrier seats for convertibles, which we were overdue for. We probably should have done that a month or two ago, but they still fit fine in their buckets...and they spend very little time in the car, anyway. Those are supposed to be good until they weigh 32 pounds, which they don't, but their legs were getting too long. The next project is to change out their cribs for bed rails and make them into quasi-big girl beds. Maybe later this month...

I guess that's it...things pretty tame in AM-land these days:-)


A said...

Hurray! Way to go, girls! It must be so interesting to observe their differences on a regular basis -- I always like reading your observations. :)

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post. The girls are adorable. It really has been so fun to be engaged in your life through blogging for so long. Oh, the changes!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Thanks so much for writing this. Lately, I feel like all Gavin's contemporaries are all talking. A lot. Counting, even. And, Gavin is happily in that space where he has graduated from babbling to making sounds that he so badly wants to be words (but really aren't). But, as you said about your girls, he understands so much. It's really incredible to think they know so much (and are taking in all the swearing we do around our house - hahaha).

We've had a convertible carseat since Gavin was 9 months (but, we're in the car all the time), mostly because we thought he'd be more comfortable in an upright position (and he is). My husband keeps talking about flipping him to be forward-facing, but I'm holding my stance he should remain rear-facing as long as possible. Maybe until he's 15. =)