Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekends and such

I have always judged the implied reaction to my craziness by how many comments I get from people. As it relates to comments in general, bloggers tend to keep the negative to themselves and publish the positive at will. I occasionally write things that I know to be somewhat controversial, and can reliably count on only agreeable comments (and where there are negatives, they often come anonymously!) Which is fine, I understand that people don't like to pick fights for no reason...even though I think I have a long and consistent record of encouraging disagreement.

So, when I wrote a post last week about motherhood not being all that fun, I could be pretty sure that those who disagree would stay silent and those who agree would do so vocally. Since only three people commented (and yes, all in agreement) I am just going to assume that everyone else thinks that I am a monster! Just go ahead and say it...I can take criticism:-)

Moving on! Pretty busy weekend, and lots of fun. The Boy and I went out with some of his friends on Friday night  (the two girls from this post, and two other people) while Munchkin babysat, and then I met a couple of friends on Saturday for a little relaxing girls', pedis, dinner, drinks, etc. I got home long after the girls had gone to bed, which I am always sort of torn about...I miss them, but seeing them all tucked into bed (with their 400 stuffed animals) is just so stinking adorable...

The Boy went to the Patriots game yesterday, and since one of his friends cancelled at the last minute, Munchkin went, too. While we are talking about adorable things, that qualifies too...I love that they can just hang out. If I am half sister and half mother, then he is 100% big brother. It was quite the game, and the good guys won, so they came home cold but happy:-) The girls had just fallen asleep before they got back, so we ate pizza while they watched the other game and I just sat there thinking about how much fun that was!


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Only according to you did the good guys win. The rest of the country is tired of watching the Pats. Trust me on that one.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

PS - See, NOT afraid to disagree! hahaha

Accidentally Me said...

Well, we all know that the Bears are really the only good guys!!!

Truth be told, Munchkin has always been a big fan of the team they were playing, so she was a little bit torn, but ultimately happy:-)

Dawn said...


I read your blog all the time, although I only rarely comment. But I did want to say something about how you thought that most people, because they didn't comment, had negative thoughts about what you said about not loving being a Mom (although you clearly said that you do love your kidlets -- I wanted to reiterate that for you :))

I was surprised that you said that. Not surprised at WHAT you said, but that you had the balls to say it. Anyone who reads your blog -- and especially knowing your relationship with Munchkin -- knows that you love your babies and so it was honest and refreshing and REAL to see someone say what most people would never admit to, even if they felt it too.


Brooke said...

I meant to comment on your last post but I forgot somehow ;/
Anyway, I'm not a mom so I can't agree or disagree, but I will say that you've voiced one of my biggest fears. I'm 31 and have been married for over a year now, and everyone keeps asking when we'll have kids and I just keep saying "when we're ready." It's just hard to determine when that is, or if we'll ever be. Anyway, I like that you post things like that because so many blogs are all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to motherhood and everyone knows that's not really the case. I appreciate the honesty.

Our Happy Married Life... said...

I didn't comment but meant to. We talk so much on gchat that I don't always comment. :) Anyway, i totally understand where you are coming from and I'm sure you know I feel the same on certain days based on my blog posts. I certainly like to keep it real on my blog. While not everyone will agree with you, it's your blog and you can say what you want. And it's always nice when you are reading something and the blogger isn't blowing sunshine up your ass. Thanks for that. I can always count on honestly in AM land! :)