Friday, June 29, 2007

Where'd the heat go?

Here I have been dying to get to the beach all week because it was so fucking hot, and then I get here and....It's freezing today!!! Fucking New England...

Anyway, it is supposed to be only like in the mid-60's today, and since the family is kinda beached out a bit, we are gonna do some other stuff. We are gonna take the ferry back to Hyannis this afternoon and putter around a bit over there. Nothing special, just wandering and looking in the little shops and then we will eat dinner there and come back after that. Should be fun:-)

That gives me a little bit of time this morning to check some emails, answer a phone call and write a blog post for my adoring masses:-) You do adore me, don't you? Thanks to everyone who chimed in to convince The Boy to come with me...the peer pressure finally got to him. Special thanks to Big Sis, who let us borrow her car, which was kinda the deal-sealer:-D

I don't even feel as bad now about making him skip out on work now, because he will have a couple hours this morning to get some work done, too. So it all worked out for everyone:-) OK, so maybe he was a little bit irritated that he slept by himself and I piled into bed with my two little sisters, but whatever...I don't get that chance very often:-) I promise to make it up to him...(hee hee!)

So I guess that is about it...hopefully everyone has a good weekend planned. I have to work Monday and Tuesday, but am taking Thursday and Friday off. The Boy and I are heading up to New Hampshire with his family for some vacation time, which should be really nice. Then the following weekend is Big Sis' bachelorette party (which is sort of combined with The Brain Surgeon's Bachelor Party, but not entirely...I will give you more details later on.) Anyone else have any vacation plans?

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