Thursday, August 27, 2009



Remember when I said that I was bringing my laptop with me? I lied:-) I decided that was just not gonna support my mission of an ultra-relaxing, agenda-less week. And I think I made the right choice.

Since I have much to catch you up on, and not much time to do so (borrowing Frenchie's little sister's computer), I will be brief.

First of all, the trip has been awesome. Great hosts, beautiful country, a very happy Munchkin and a whole lot of fun. Paris was fantastic, and leaves me wanting to go back and spend more time there. I saw a lot more of it than I did the first time I was here, but still feel like I have a lot left to see...and would like do visit during the non-summer months, too.

And Nice? Yikes...spectacularly beautiful. I haven't been everywhere in the world, but there can't be a whole lot of places more beautiful than this...

So beautiful, in fact, that we are staying a little longer. Originally we were going to go back to Paris today and fly home tomorrow, but that seemed like a lot of unnecessary traveling if we could leave from here. Before I called to change our flight, Frenchie's Mom suggested we stay an extra day or two...and who am I to argue with that?

So, for a surprisingly minimal ticket-change fee...we are here until Sunday morning and get back to Boston Sunday evening. I guess you will all have to do without me for just a little bit longer;-)

Aur revoir!


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like it's going so well...can't wait to hear more about it when you return!!

Scotty said...

I was there this past spring! I liked the farmers market there, TONS of olives.

Kari said...

Nice -- C'est très magnifique (at least what I remember of it!!).
Glad you guys are having fun!
Can't wait to hear of your adventures!!!