Friday, August 07, 2009

More A, and More Q

Answers to Monday's questions, and then the next four for next week. I think I will probably blog at least a couple of times next week, but I ain't promising;-)

9) Where did we go to college? I have been lying to you all since day one. I have always claimed that I went to college in Phoenix, which is patently false ( is almost entirely true;-) Just not quite technically)...I went to school in Tempe;-). And we attended what, according to Wikipedia, is The Second Largest University Campus in America.
10) From what country is Munchkin's favorite soccer player? This has turned out to be the toughest question in the whole quiz, and no one got it right. As noted here, Munchkin's favorite soccer player is Michael Essien, #5 for the Chelsea Football Club. While he plays for a team in London, you will note from his profile there, that he is in fact from Ghana. one other famous Ghanian...
11) What kind of car does AM have? Easy...a Tan Jeep Cherokee. Everyone got this.
12) Munchkin once did a wine tasting. Where was it? This was in Italy, specifically Tuscany. During the summer of 2006, she went to Europe for a month with one of her friends' family. They did all kinds of things, one of which was a wine tasting...and yes, the parents asked me ahead of time if it would be OK;-)

The same folks continue to lead...Laurwilk has jumped in and she knows most of them without even searching the archives;-). And since some of you have answered all of them at once, and some are doing them four at a time, it is hard to say who is really winning. Which just adds to the suspense!

Anyway, the next four, and we should have all of this wrapped up before I leave for France:

13) During her years in London, who did Big Sis work for?
14) Where, specifically, did The Boy propose?
15) AM wears a pair of diamond earrings on most days. Where did they come from?
16) With what friend does AM share the distinction of having a last name that belongs to no one else that she is related to?

That's all I have for you now:-) The beach is lovely and I am going to do my best to enjoy it!


Katya said...

Have fun at the beach! :)
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I really wish I had time to read through all the archives and have a go at the quiz!

Rachel H. said...

Such fun questions! I'm glad you are enjoying the beach!

Katia said...

I didn't answer the other questions (because I'm lazy like that) but these are easy so here we go:
13. Goldman Sachs
14. Bridge @ Public Garden
15. A gift from Papa Bear, from his late wife's jewels
16. The body

Enjoy your time with Tinkerbelle, have a nice trip to Paris, and if you happen to decide to make a spontaneous jump over to Brussels, I can give you a little tour :-) Because really, although Paris is wonderful, Brussels still has the best "French" fries (they're not freaking French but whatever), best beer and best chocolate in the whole world ;-)

But of course, Paris will always be Paris, no comparisons whatsoever allowed...