Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last set of answers, and a winner!!!

OK, the last four questions from SHR's quiz (which is now like a month

17) Where is the beach house that AM is so fond of? I have actually been less obvious on this than I thought. A bunch of guesses were "Cape Cod" or "Somewhere in New England"...and several of you said "I know it is one of the islands, but I am not sure which one". Well, the house is on Nantucket, which is the smaller and less populated of the two islands. When I made reference to the Obamas here, it was when Munchkin and I took a day trip to the other island (Martha's Vineyard), where they will be vacationing in a couple of weeks.
18) What kind of dog does Papa Bear have? He has a golden retriever:-) She is tiny and she loves donuts:-)
19) Munchkin has a winter hat that AM has referenced several times. What does the hat say? This is an easy one, too! It is a blue hat with a picture of a cartoon chicken saying "Chicks rule!" I borrow it often... As you can see, once upon a time, it was my hat;-)
20) What term of affection have Munchkin and Tinkerbelle coined to describe their relationship (they share a half-sister, but are not actually related)? They, in all of their adorableness, call each other Sislings:-). Love it.

OK, so let's get some results before the bonus questions!

A few of you only answered some questions, but did really well on the ones you answered, including Carree and Katia. And a whole bunch of people got like 5-8 right and get mad props from me for playing our little game:-)

I am awarding fourth place to Laurwilk. She technically didn't get any answers in until the third round of questions, so she is not really eligible to win, but she got most all of them right without having to read the archives, and I know that she would have gotten the rest if she had the chance. She also figured out Smoking Hot Roommate's name a long time ago (um, partially because SHR told her by sending her an

Third place is going to go to Nicole D from Canada...she got 14.5 right, and she was one of only a few people that also figured out Smoking Hot Roommate's last name.

Irene from Germany is our second place winner, getting 16 right and getting both bonus questions as well. In fact, she may get extra credit because she found an answer to the first bonus question that was completely valid, but was not the one that SHR was talking about.

The winner, though, is the artist formerly known as I'm not Carrie Bradshaw, who now resides over here. I have long noted that she is the most perceptive blog reader that I have, and she definitely proved as much during this exercise. She managed to figure out a couple of my blog-secrets without me even telling her (I share a lot more via email and gchat), and now she has ripped off 19 out of 20 answers. Absolutely brilliant! The only question she missed was the one about Munchkin's favorite soccer player, which was something of a trick question.

So, let's all give her a mighty round of applause. I will send an email and figure out how you want to collect your prize:-)

As for the bonus questions...I am unfortunately not going to publish answers here, since it crosses whatever anonymity lines I have left;-). I will, however, respond to you in private if you want to submit guesses.


OK, on to other things...Munchkin had yesterday off, so we took a little day trip to Chatham to poke around, shop a little and just enjoy the day. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous down here for the last two weeks...which seems extra sweet since it has been like 95 and humid in the city:-). We had lunch, wandered through downtown, bought a few gifts to bring with us to France, and then had a relatively early dinner outside. Then we saw Harry, really an awfully nice day!

She is working today, and once she is done, we are headed back home so that we can spend tomorrow packing up for our trip. I have also seen shockingly little of The Boy in the last two weeks, so I need to get my fill of him before I leave him again for another week. And, since it is Thursday, I am wondering if maybe some chicken fingers are in order:-D

I will try and blog again tomorrow morning before we leave, but for now I have some school stuff to work on, and then a beach to sit on:-)


Irene said...

well, I (re)read your whole blog...and that took me quite some time :) and I have not found the hint for your first name that SHR was talking about. So could you tell me via email where it is...I am either blind or not getting it (which drives me kinda crazy, but I refuse to read it all entertaining as it is) ;)

Katia said...

Well, as I said before, have a very nice trip! And many thanks for mentioning the effort :-)

Nicole said...

Yay!!! I have to say that I did not find any posts that gave away your first name to me either, so I would like to know which post too.
Thanks :)

Have fun en France, I have four Fran├žais in my house at the moment visiting from Paris.

Accidentally Me said...

Nicole - Do I have your email address? I am not sure I do...send me an email at and I will send it to you:-)

Anonymous said...

I've read the whole archives too and I didn't pick up on the hint either! Turns out I'm not as observant as I always thought I was...
- Louise

Lisa said...

Congrats to the winner!
And have a great trip AM!

Ys said...

Congratulations - it was fun to read the answers :)

Have a great time in France!

laurwilk said...

Haha! Fourth place, not bad. Although I'm still a bit bitter that you didn't send me an email to notify me of the contest. Grr! I guess that's my punishment for reading a month's worth of blogging at a time. I'm sorry! :(

I'm going to send you an email b/c I'm tempted to write the longest comment in the history of comments right now.