Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not that I want to encourage fighting

Keep the answers coming on yesterday's questions...so far, it looks like this is going to come down to a photo finish between two Germans and a Seattleite...but there a bunch of you that are still doing really, really well!

I am going to give you a sort-of sappy retrospective on work later this week, as my approaching retirement has me thinking a lot about how much this place has meant to me. But you are safe for at least another day on that.

Story time, from last weekend:-). On Sunday morning, Munchkin, The Boy and I went to a coffee shop to have a little snack and pick up coffee for people. We decided to sit down for a minute rather that eat, drink and carry coffee home all at once. While sitting, Munchkin decided that she wanted a Biscotti, so she got back up and got back into line...which was, maybe 10 feet away from us. While she was standing in line, two guys...younger than me, maybe 21-22 or so...came in and took the spot in line behind Munchkin.

They then proceeded to begin checking her out. For some reason, they each felt like the other might miss the view, so they poked and elbowed each other while whispering very quietly and making what I assume to be not-fit-for-children comments. The checking-out very quickly became all-out ogling...which I guess just happens when you continue to stare at a girl up and down for several minutes (not sure why the counter was taking so long, now that I think about it.)

Now Boys, we understand that it is in your nature to check out girls. And, we wear much of the clothing that we wear because we try to facilitate that checking out as much as possible. We totally understand, and most girls spend at least a moment or two checking out most other girls, too...even if it is a cursory review of her clothing for things that might look cute. We get all that, and it is totally OK. However, there is a limit, and the time limit on scanning up and down at the back of a girl you find attractive in a coffee shop on a Sunday morning is just a few seconds (for the record, she was wearing a white tank top, very long cut-off shorts...like almost knee-length...and flip flops).

The Boy and I saw this whole thing unfold, as we were sitting only a few feet away. It went from being sort of funny to being a little gross to being really, really creepy in the few minutes they were standing there. I started to think that maybe I should call out to her and ask her something so that they knew people were with her and likely watching them watch her. The Boy apparently felt like it required a little more direct tactic.

Now, The Boy is not a confrontational person. He can get very intense about things he is concentrating on, but it tends to manifest itself in an extreme focus much more than in a loud, aggressive rage. And when he is on vacation like that, he is really mellow and pretty well laid-back. So it was somewhat out-of-character for him to get out of his seat and join Munchkin at the counter while she paid for her biscotti, stopping to square up in front of the two guys with a very stern, clearly repulsed "She's 14!"

For a second, I sorta thought there was gonna be a fight. The immediate reaction from at least one of the meat heads was to kinda puff up at him (yes, guys, you all try and puff out your chests when your testosterone levels rise...) but he seemed to re-assess right away and realize that maybe getting into a physical altercation in a coffee shop was not how he wanted to start his day. He gave a sort of half-hearted grunt of apology and that was sorta that. They got whatever they were getting and left.

Munchkin, who had been pretty oblivious to the whole thing, figured out what had happened as they were on their way back to sitting down, and seemed comically impressed with The Boy's chivalry. She pronounced that he was "My hero," and that she was extremely happy that her honor was still intact. I think that The Boy was maybe a little embarrassed by it, but also kinda proud of himself.

And as the title of this post says...I don't want to encourage any fighting, and would actually be aghast if he ever got into an actual fight over me or anyone else. I find it hard to imagine an instance where he would get into a real fight and I wouldn't be incredibly angry about it.

But, at the same time, I am also glad he did it:-) It was very noble and protective of him:-)


SG said...

Good for the boy! I'm glad he was able to step in and help make those guys feel likes d-bags.

Dawn said...

I love this story!

Aaron said...

Jail bait! ;)

Lpeg said...

Awww! What a sweetheart!