Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Giant checks and other items

OK, so I am a big superstitious dork, and I didn't want to write about the impending condo closing until today because I didn't want to jinx it:-). But yesterday was the big day, and everything went according to plan. I left work around 3:30 to head over to a building nearby to meet The Boy, the attorney and the Smoking Hot Roommate ('cause she is the seller:-)).

I found myself getting really nervous as the moment approached, just about the magnitude of the commitment. But also, very, very excited and pretty proud of myself:-)

So, we forked over a check with a whole lot of digits. And the Attorney forked over a check from the Bank that had even more digits. Smoking Hot Roommate got the checks, while me and The Boy got a horrible looking thing from the Bank telling us exactly how much money we now owe them;-)

And then we signed. And signed. And signed some more. I had been warned about the massive amount of signing and initialing involved, but it really is ridiculous! I can't imagine that it is any different for anyone else who has ever bought a house, so many of you can probably sympathize. Anyway, after what seemed like 4,000 signatures and 2,000 initialings, we are officially homeowners!!!

And I am very, very happy about this:-) Quick question, we need to re-christen every room in the place now? I think maybe we do...

I have some other news as well. First, Munchkin had a minor health scare yesterday. She is at soccer camp for the week, and she got sick and a little dizzy yesterday afternoon and had to go to the infirmary. They diagnosed her with a case of "over-doing it" and treated her with lots of fluids, some air-conditioned rest and instructions to drink more water and take it a little easier on herself. The doctor deemed no need for an IV or anything more serious.

It is always a little concerning to start a daily phone call with "I am in the hospital," but all in all it seems like no big deal. I think I handled it without too much unnecesary panic;-) If it had been that serious, they would have called me during the day, right? Since it is super hot and humid today, I imagine they will cut all of the outdoor activities down a little bit in order to not kill any of the children:-)

Second piece of news...Tinkerbelle is coming tonight and staying through next week! Who else is excited? OK...I guess maybe just me:-D. She is coming to work with me for my last day tomorrow, and then we are heading to the beach after work for the rest of her stay. Munchkin will be back Saturday, too.

Finally, there is a going away party for me after work tonight, which is obviously very nice and generous of everyone around here. I am hoping that, since I will still be at work tomorrow, I won't feel the urge to cry at all...:-). Because I will definitely cry tomorrow!

I guess that's it! This was kind of a lot for one post, eh?


Brian said...

Congratulations on the home purchase!

I remember all the signing and initialing - it was crazy. The seller's attorney wanted to speed things up but our attorney made a point to explain exactly what we were signing in plain English for everything we put our pens too.

Glad Munchkin is okay.

Room christening - yes. It's not someone else's place anymore, it's yours.

Windy City Kelley's said...

Congrats on the new house!

It's always hard to leave a job, but I'm sure you'll be back to help on your breaks.

Aaron said...

Welcome to bondage.

And seriously, who uses the word infirmary these days?

Accidentally Me said...

Aaron - Summer camps, apparantly:-)

Anonymous said...

congrats on being a homeowner!!! that is huge. now you're a full-fledged adult and no turning back. lol. it's awesome. best of luck to you and your little family.

Ys said...

Phew, glad Munchkin is okay! And every exciting that the other little sister is coming to stay too :)

Congratulations on the new home purchase! All sounds very scary to me ;)