Monday, August 03, 2009

Answers and the next questions

Okie Dokie, you have all had plenty of time on these questions, so it is time for some answers:

5) AM was promoted on her first day at her job. Why? This took some searching for some of you, but most everyone who submitted an answer got it right: my business cards were mis-printed, so my original role of Junior Analyst was immediately changed to Analyst on Day 1. Since no one else held either title, it was not a big deal.

6) AM has two unique roles in her office. One is client-related and one is more of an internal role. What are they? Most of you got this, too. I am the office liaison when Papa Bear is in a foul mood, since he won't yell at me like he yells at the other people in the office. This sort of includes Big Sis...he yells at her, but she yells back;-) The other role is as kind of an all-purpose snoop. People tend to tell me things, so I am often set loose to meet with people in our portfolio or target companies to try and get the "real story" when the higher-ups feel like their presence is hindering the work.

7) She once gave my Mom a nickname. What was it? [Clarification: I have actually called her a couple of things, one of which is Mama Bear. But there is another answer that SHR was looking for.] The name was Mrs. Rock, short for Rockefeller. In this post, here.

8) What magazine issue did AM once announce was required reading for any of her listeners with daughters? [I think we are looking for a specific issue, and I like the substitution of "listeners" for]. Fortune's Most Powerful Women in Business Issue...comes out every year;-). This was easy, since it is from a link over to the right as "My favorite Post"

The next four questions:

9) Where did we go to college? [The actual University]
10) From what country is Munchkin's favorite soccer player?
11) What kind of car does AM have?
12) Munchkin once did a wine tasting. Where was it?

One of these questions has actually stumped everyone who has submitted an answer...although I won't tell you which one until later. I will give you probably 3-4 days to answer, and then I will get to the next round of questions.

On the docket this week? My last week at work, Tinkerbelle's visit and a minor altercation in a coffee shop from last weekend;-) So you have that to look forward to!

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Anonymous said...

Damn - disappointed I did not answer the last four questions. Got busy and forgot so I am going to answer the next 4 today!

9) Where did we go to college? This is a guess - I know you went to school in Arizona....Arizona State University.

10) From what country is Munchkin's favorite soccer player? England

11) What kind of car does AM have? Jeep

12) Munchkin once did a wine tasting. Where was it? Tuscany

Fun! Fun!