Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last questions, and more answers promised, the next set of answers and the last set of questions:

13) During her years in London, who did Big Sis work for? In my first post about Boss Foxy, I mentioned that they used to work for a firm that rhymes with "Old Can Schnapps". I am pretty sure that I have mentioned the firm name since then, but I can't find it. Anyway, both Big Sis and Boss Foxy were employed by the venerable Goldman Sachs while in London.
14) Where, specifically, did The Boy propose? On the bridge over the swan pond in the public garden. Which, as it turns out, is the World's Smallest Suspension Bridge:-)
15) AM wears a pair of diamond earrings on most days. Where did they come from? Turns out that there are a lot of answers in this one post... They belonged to SHR and Big Sis's mother, and they were a gift from the two of them and Papa Bear. I wear them for two reasons...1) They are gorgeous:-D. 2) They mean a lot to me:-)
16) With what friend does AM share the distinction of having a last name that belongs to no one else that she is related to? We all learned this when we met The Body was back in my first couple days of blogging. I should note that this is actually no longer technically correct, since she has changed her name officially to her father's full last name. But you get the point...

Nothing terribly tricky about those four, pretty much everyone who answered got them right. The final four are not terribly tricky, either, although there may need to be a little bit of guesswork on your part. Respond fast and I will answer fast and get on to the bonus questions...

17) Where is the beach house that AM is so fond of?
18) What kind of dog does Papa Bear have?
19) Munchkin has a winter hat that AM has referenced several times. What does the hat say?
20) What term of affection have Munchkin and Tinkerbelle coined to describe their relationship (they share a half-sister, but are not actually related)?

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Lisa said...

Wow. I have actually read ALL of your posts! Can't believe that I'm finally in the "now" of your life. I'm happy that you and the boy have postponed your wedding, so I can witness it "live" :) Looking forward to that!
Hope you'll have a great time in Paris, warm the city up for me, I'll arrive on the 29th ;)