Monday, September 14, 2009

Answering some questions

So, I have had some questions via comment and email that I feel like answering, and I am going to take the time that I currently have while sitting in an Economics class to do so:-)

First question from a few I worried about telling people that I am pregnant this early? I actually am not telling many people. One of the great advantages of an anonymous blog is that you can "tell" secrets without really telling them. In real life, we have only told the people closest to us. Should something go wrong, I would have told all of these people anyway, so I feel OK telling them now...and swearing them to secrecy:-). That list includes Munchkin, Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis (and, I assume, their spouses) and The BFFs, along with The Boy's parents and his sister. I think he is planning on telling his brother and older sister sometime before next weekend. First person that I tell when I am past the safety point? Tinkerbelle!!!

Second: Was this an "accident"? Definitely not an accident, although not entirely on purpose. As I wrote in June, I stopped taking the pill at the end of May in preparation for maybe wanting to get pregnant this fall. We never specifically decided that I wanted to get pregnant at any specific time, and never took any specific steps to do so (like keeping track of the ideal days and times, etc.) But as the summer wore on, I kind of thought it was a good idea, and we didn't make any effort for me to not get pregnant. So, it was obviously not a surprise at all.

Third: Would you have rather this happened after the wedding? No one asked this directly, but it is sort of an undertone of a few questions...and it is a pretty logical question. Yes, probably...but I am not going to complain about being one month off in a perfect schedule. Too many people try for too long without any luck for me to bitch about being a month earlier than would really be idea. Besides, while I will miss having a drink or two, I will love having a big happy secret that few others in the crowd know. Keeping The Boy from blabbing may be a bigger issue;-) back to keeping secrets:-)


Rachel H. said...

I think it's great!! I am so happy for you guys, and it's so much fun to be pregnant and watch yourself grow! :)

HappyascanB said...

Thanks for being so open about it all! I wondered if you'd stopped prevention; I couldn't remember if you'd said before if you'd stopped preventing. YAY for it being so easy and somewhat unexpected for you!!! I hope the whole pregnancy is just as smooth!!

laurwilk said...

I was under the impression that you were waiting until marriage to have sex. Guess I was wrong!

I have yet to blog/read blogs in class yet. How long do you think it will take? Next week?

Still just me said...

Am I reading this right? Are you still keeping a secrete? What could possibly be bigger than this?

Accidentally Me said...

SJM - I just mean that I have to go back to keeping this a secret for another month or so until I can tell everyone I know in real life!