Friday, September 04, 2009

Wedding Things and School Starting

It is a beautiful but unmistakeably end-of-summer day at the beach, and having spent most of it outside enjoying the weather, I shall now take a moment to check in here.

My first two days of school (which involved no actual classes, but lots of social events...I like this speed) went pretty well. It is a little overwhelming to meet so many people at once, but I am definitely making some progress, and I like most of the folks that I have met so far. I have all of my books and materials and my section schedule and everything I will need to get going next week. Yes, I bought a t-shirt, too...:-P

Things start for real on Tuesday, and should be at a pretty high pace quickly. I have heard over and over again that one of the main tenets of business school is to assign more work than can possibly be done. The idea is that, when you are working, you always have too much to do. You have to learn to prioritize, delegate and manage your own time...and over-work during business school is a big part of that. I am not sure expecting it will help me all that much, but at least I know it is coming;-)

But before then, one last summer weekend at the beach! The weather is supposed to be perfect, and we have a full four days down here to enjoy it. Labor Day always depresses me, and I am sure that I will be in a pretty down mood when we are leaving, but I am going to try and enjoy it and not dwell on the expiring season. Besides, I am getting married in two weeks, so I have plenty to be happy about!

Let's see...I feel kind of ashamed to have little to report on that front. Dress is in and all set to is not really fitted, so there were no additional alterations needed when I picked it up this week. Plus, since she made it for me, it's not like she was altering another dress to begin with anyway. Shoes and jewelry are all set, too. I know that most brides tend to pick out those things for all of the girls in the wedding, but I would rather they wear whatever they want. I don't know who made up the rule that everyone has to match totally top to bottom.

I had another friend almost have a heart attack when I told her that I didn't have a "practice" hair and makeup session. Seriously? I know it is sort of fun and can mean peace of mind if you are gonna do something fancy that you have never done before...but the idea that it is totally required is just preposterous. "Pull my hair back" is not something that a professional hairdresser should need to practice. And call me Cindy-Lou-Homemaker, but I can do my own would be pretty absurd to have a sorta-casualish beach wedding with a totally tricked-out Tammy Faye look all of a sudden. I never wear much makeup, and I am not starting now.

Basically, things are pretty well set to go. Caterer is in charge of all things food related, and the florist is in charge of all things decoration related. They have both called me to see if we need to check in to go over things before the wedding...a big "nope" on that. As long as they are gonna be there, I don't really need to see them at all.

I have been warned by a lot of people that putting together the seating chart is really hard. Apparently, those people care a lot more about petty personality issues than I do;-). Took me about ten minutes, and then it took The Boy about the same. And if Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe have an issue because they could never agree on who should pay for the broken sink at the lake house they rented 15 years ago, well too bad about them. If you are too petty to suck it up and sit at the same table for four hours and be civil, then I don't have time to care about your feelings;-)

[Hey, I am kind of a bitch, aren't I?]

I do still have to put together some welcome bags for people as they get to their hotels or houses or whatever. Nothing fancy, just some snacks and water and stuff...I always like having those things when I go away to a wedding, so I want to give them to everyone. I am particularly a fan of getting back to the room super late, having had too much to drink, and finding a bottle of water, some chips and some M&M's to welcome you home. Life's little pleasures:-)

I know what I am getting the girls as bridesmaids gifts, but I can't tell you yet because too many of them read this:-). And it shall be a surprise! Actually, you will probably think it is dorky and boring, but I like it a there!

That is gonna do it for today, folks! I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, and I will meet you back here next week...


HappyascanB said...

So I'm not a frequent commenter but I read / follow your blog, and this made me laugh out loud: " would be pretty absurd to have a sorta-casualish beach wedding with a totally tricked-out Tammy Faye look all of a sudden." I hear ya!!

I think you live in the Boston area? My husband and I are coming that way Monday evening for a little sight seeing and the Red Sox game Tuesday night! So excited! I've been told to hit up Anna's Taqueria, too. . . . any other suggestions?

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you!

Lori S-C said...

I think some tasy chocolate chip cookies should be in those welcome bags! I always love the sweet touch when I've been celebrating! also salt. Water too! It is a very nice touch!

Rachel H. said...

I love the OOT boxes / bags too, and I think they are such a nice touch! Can't wait to hear about what you are getting the bridesmaids!

Ys said...

Wow never heard of welcome bags before! So glad our wedding is literally going to be just us two and two witnesses. And I cheated by getting my little sister to fit my dress for me cos she's good at stuff like that :)

Sounds like you've got it all sorted! I'm sure it'll be great :)