Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ms. Me vs. Mrs. Boy

I changed the Thought for the Day in reaction to a History Channel snippet I saw last night talking about Churchill. Hopefully my handful of UK readers are particularly proud of that one;-)


First things first...I can't eat enough tomatoes these days. I want them on everything. And the idea of fried foods makes me gag...which could really be a problem when it is time for chicken fingers next Thursday... Also, if I get hungry, I feel really, really sick, so I need to eat something every couple of hours to avoid that. I have felt a little queasy the last few mornings when I wake up, but nothing too bad, and very manageable.

Hopefully that all holds off for at least another five days, since I have some business to attend to in the meantime:-). I was actually pretty focused and not worried this morning, right up until the end of my first class when the professor stopped to tell everyone to wish me luck because I would be out of class for a few days to get married. It was actually pretty nice of him, but it reminded me that I have a lot going on for the next few days!

Mother nature is not being terribly cooperative with me. While the forecast for the weekend has improved and is no longer calling for rain, it is going to be very windy...and a little on the chilly side. Not sure what that means for my desire to have the ceremony, pictures and cocktails outside. I am thinking we may just have to set up for the ceremony inside, and play it be ear on the pictures. Cocktails are easy...people can go in and out as they please. Either way, it is not a huge deal. I'd rather the pictures be outside, but I am not gonna cry over it.

The first of the out-of-towners are trickling in tomorrow, which is making me really excited. That makes it quite a bit more "real", and will definitely set the festive atmosphere. I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow, but I think that The Boy, Munchkin and I will head out tomorrow evening (or earlier if she wants to skip out on soccer practice and he wants to bail on work). I am not sure that I need a full day on Friday to get anything ready, but it will at least be good to be there and be around all day as people arrive and get settled.

A bunch of our friends are golfing on Friday morning, and if I feel like I don't have too much to do, I may join them. I can already tell you that tomorrow and Friday will be a pretty lengthy cocktail party (not for this girl!). The Boy's parents are throwing the rehearsal dinner on Friday night for the wedding party, and then we are having a cookout on the beach for anyone who is in from out of town (it is gonna be chilly:-)). I am glad to have all of this stuff to do, since it will give me a lot more chance to visit with people and not feel like I need to rush to see everyone during the actual wedding.

I guess that is about it...I am a little nervous, very excited and just basically looking forward to a great weekend, a great party, and the start of a whole lifetime of The Boy. Not sure when I will blog next, but it may not be until next week. In the meantime...wish me luck!

You can occupy your time by answering me two questions:
1) Any last minute advice?
2) Should I change my name? Yea...still haven't decided;-)


Smoking Hot Roommate said...

So excited! Can't wait to get down there, see everyone and get the party started!!!

It is a great time to be you!!!

Amy said...

so excited for you! Only advice I have is don't walk too fast down the "aisle" and don't carry your flowers too high. If you are nervous you don't think about those 2 things. My aunt gave me this advice b/c so many brides are "hiding" behind their flowers and don't even realize it.
You should definitely change your name. The boy will appreciate it! And, it will make things easier with the babe! Have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

My only advice is to enjoy your day, which I know you will :) I hope the forecasted weather changes for you, you are on the east coast after all, it can happen. Happy wedding!

Nicole d.

Jane226 said...

I can't believe the wedding is finally here! It feels like you just told us The Boy proposed! And you're WAY more relaxed than any bride I've ever met, so I don't think you need any advice. Sounds like you've got everything covered. Have a great time! And congratulations!!

straw76berry said...

Have a wonderful time and Amy is right about the flowers....soooo many of my wedding pics look a bit odd coz my flowers are too high and almost under my chin!!

as for the name it usually is important to a man that you take on his name however we are living in the modern world now so don't feel you must. I changed my name and I might add my name was a nice one and my married name is not so great but in a funny way I am proud to be known as Mrs Spight !! horrid as it sounds. an other thought is to add his name on to yours but that only works if they sound right together and arnt too long like for example my friend is o'donnel-Brown. Just a thought !
Best wishes xx

Katya said...

Good luck and have fun!! :)

HappyascanB said...

1. Enjoy every single second!!!

2. Change your name! It Rocks!!! I love Accidentally Me Boy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hyphenated mine, it has worked out, but I have several friends with kids who say keeping their name or hyphenating it just makes things a pain.
Go with your gut.

jojo said...

I'm so happy for you! About the wedding, the baby, school...everything!

I've been in a lot and to a lot of weddings, but never had one myself. Just remember not to worry too much about the details. In the end, you'll be married and that's what the whole thing is about. :)

About the name - it's part of your identity so it's got to be a hard decision. Most of my friends have mourned their own name and then taken the new one because culturally it means something to the husband. My sister-in-law is Danish and they don't really have middle names so she kept hers as her midle name.

Carin said...

Back in the first season of Grey's Anatonmy, Laurie Metcalf guest-starred as a woman dying of cancer (or something else tragic), and she had a teenage daughter. She was giving her some deathbed advice, and she said, "And don't forget, there's nothing tackier than a drunk bride!" You can totally use that as your excuse if people ask why you aren't drinking. (Plus, it's kinda true.)

Also, I second Amy's advice about keeping the flowers low. Elbow shouldn't ever be bent more than 90 degrees.

Ally said...

So happy for you AM! I hope the weekend is delightful from start to finish. And I vote for taking his name.

Louise said...

I think change your name, but I don't really have any compelling arguments as to why. I just think its nice. Although if he has a gross surname maybe keep your own (my friend's boyfriend's surname is literally "Gross" haha).

I think that changing your name is nice because it's like you've grown up from the family that raised you and now you're starting your own family and raising your own kids. Not sure if that makes sense, I'm not really very eloquent..

Anyways, that's just my opinion

vera said...

I think you should change your name...isn't your current last name not your parents or spelled wrong or something crazy like that?

laurwilk said...

I am so, so excited for you. Is it silly that I sort of tear up? I mean, you're getting MARRIED. Oh my GOSH!!! I am excited for Munchkin too. This is going to be a huge thing in her life, especially with all of the upcoming changes!

I vote you change the name but that probably doesn't surprise you.

Um, I want to talk to you tomorrow! Email on the drive at the very least!

Kari said...

Enjoy the weekend! Don't worry about the little stuff.
Eat protein frequently if you's be shown to help with nausea etc.
Ahh..the name debate...make sure you ask the boy how he feels as a lot of people assume that their husband wants them to change their name, when really most husbands couldn't care less.

Lori S-C said...

I hyphenated as a compromise. It has been a bit of a nuisance when traveling, as family members are not necessarily together wherever it is that they are filed. That said, if I was to do it again, I don't think I'd change my name at all. My kids have their dad's last name, which I am totally fine with. My maiden name, while not that great, still feels right to me and I do prefer to use it.
Of course since your name was sort of created by your mom, you might not feel so attached...
Good wishes for a wonderful week ahead! Relax and enjoy it... it goes so fast!

Anonymous said...

That’s all really exciting.
I am so happy for you and I would so love to see your wedding and you two on your wedding day.

Enjoy the day as much as you can!
Regarding the name: I always said I don't want to change it as I am the only daughter and the name will be gone when I change it.
But on the other hand I would really like to get the name of my future-husband as it really shows that we belong together.
Ha ha, so maybe that was not a big help at all. But I would say change it.

Lisa said...

I'd say change the name if his isn't too bad. I think that's very romantic, and a nice sign that you start a new life and a new family with him.
I don't know how it is in the US if the parents have seperate names how the baby's last name will be - I think it would be nice, if you three have the same one.
As for Munchkin, don't you guys have already different names? So that wouldn't matter...

Really do keep the flowers low or you won't feel your arms in the afternoon.

And just stay calm, that's the best advice

Irene said...

I wish you all the best and hope the day turns out to be as fantastic as you imagined it to be.

As for the name, I vote for changing it. Either you take his or he takes yours (I had that debate with my hubby because we both wanted to keep our names...well he won and now I have his name - I would have never accepted that each one keeps their name). Anyways, as a family (which you will be in a while when the baby is there) I think it is important to have the same name. Plus it shows that you decided to be together and share everything in your life.

As for last minute advice:

- always have tissues with you in your purse, I cried a whole lot during the ceremony and afterwards.

- do your make up after putting on your dress to avoid stains

- put someone in charge of the guest book if you have sister did that job and constantly reminded people to write something

and finally: don't worry, be happy...those days are bound to have at least one not-so-perfect moment to's so you won't forget them too easily! No one will remember an oh-so-perfect wedding in 20 years but people will remember the bride that tripped walking down the aisle or the groom that couldn't find the rings or Aunt XY spilling her drink on Uncle YZ... :)

Rachel H. said...

So exciting! Hope you have a great weekend! And really enjoy yourself! It's such an amazing time!

And I think you should change your name...I think it'll really make you guys feel like much more of a family, especially when your little one arrives.

Dawn said...

ENJOY YOURSELF!!! It goes by so fast, in such a blur, but try to absorb as much as you can.

As for changing your name. I did, but mostly because I hated my maiden name. OK, not "mostly" -- I wanted us to feel like a family, sharing the same name. And it made my husband SOOOO happy. And it made me happy too. :)

But you have to do what feels right for YOU.

OK, enough about the name stuff -- ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!