Monday, September 28, 2009

Teenage drama

I didn't end up going out on Friday night, which was probably a good decision. It was an awfully long week of school and I was just totally, the non-drinking would have led to some awkward conversations, me thinks.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, and I managed to spend pretty much the whole day outside enjoying it. Munchkin not only had a soccer game (very early) on Saturday morning, but she and Smoking Hot Roommate ran in a 5K road race after that. I went to both, which required a lot less energy:-). Big Sis joined us all for a lunch date and some shopping, which made for a totally divine afternoon!

Munchkin, unfortunately, was not in a great mood. She was in better spirits after talking to the boyfriend for a while and spending an afternoon with he favorite sisters...but she was still not quite herself, and I could tell that she was not totally looking forward to going back to school today. Hopefully things have sort of blown over...I hate seeing her upset:-(

Here is what happened. Sophomore Girl had a boyfriend, Sophomore Boy. Sophomore Boy broke up with Sophomore Girl, against her wishes. SG is not happy about the whole thing, nor is she seemingly willing to give up easily. Sophomore Boy has developed some interest in our beloved Munchkin. Somehow, word got back to Sophomore Girl, who decided that Munchkin was to blame for her own failed romance, and vowed to make her pay for that transgression. This was all sort of news to Munchkin, who was unaware of Sophomore Boy's feelings, and really doesn't even know him this well.

So, you can see why she was a little blindsided when Sophomore Girl, flanked by two of her friends, confronted her at school last week. Sophomore Girl had some relatively threatening words and some nasty names and it was, altogether, an unpleasant experience. It got worse when Sophomore Boy actually asked Munchkin out and she declined. He thought that it was because of Sophomore Girl's actions (it wasn't) which led to some kind of blow-up between them. Then Sophomore Girl thought that Munchkin had told him about what she did (she didn't), so there was a new, ugly confrontation and some other shit, too.

Munchkin is just awfully frustrated by the whole thing. The girls, and the boy, are all older than her, and therefore somewhat intimidating. And mostly, she just doesn't know what she did or said to get sucked into what is clearly just a bad breakup between two people she only casually knows. She doesn't want to go to any teachers or the vice principal, but if this girl doesn't leave her alone, she is going to have to do something.

She ended up skipping a school dance on Friday night, and on Saturday she and her two best friends all skipped a party to hang out together (which was super thoughtful of her friends). She was feeling a little better about it, I think, because she had gotten a lot of reassuring words from the kids in her class...but it still wasn't resolved. So she was definitely on edge going back to school today, and I hope it went well.

So, nothing totally earth-shattering...just typical teenage stuff. Hopefully it all passes soon:-)


Rachel H. said...

Hope Munchkin is feeling better soon...those are some of the hardest years!

Hänni said...

Ugh. The teen years are so dramatic. Poor Munchkin.

herrabidglow said...

I sure don't miss being a teenager. Best wishes to Munchkin.

Megan said...

I work with teenagers and therefore see a lot of teenaged drama. I always tell them that, as cliched as it sounds, none of this stuff will even matter once they have finished high school.

It is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are in the midst of it though.

straw76berry said...

Poor Munchkin...I am soooo dreading this kind of thing happening to my girls. With three of them I can foresee much heart ache to come.
I praise you for the way you deal with your sister, all the right measures of support and love and encouraging her to stand on her own two feet.
She will mature in to a beautiful and strong young women just like you.
Much love xx

Lpeg said...

Oh, wow. Teenage girls can be so mean. Munchkin is a strong kid, and she's got some amazing friends, and you, of course, with your fantastic wisdom and way of handling things!

I'm just sad that these kinds of things happen to good, kind girls.

I'm sure they are intimidating, but as you have noted about Munchkin, that she is very mature for her age - would it be really hard for her to go up to the girl and correct things? Or maybe both of them together?