Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I also got a new cell phone...busy days!

So yes, I disappeared for a week and a half, blogged twice and then disappeared again...I guess that is just how I roll these days;-) Truth is that I have been super busy, back and forth to the beach (currently home for two days of school things...more on that later), getting ready to get married, etc.

So, let's see...I had my first official school events this morning, more this evening and then more tomorrow. Initial impressions of my classmates: 1) they are mostly older than me, but not by as much as I had feared, 2) they are super smart, 3) they do not lack in self-confidence!, 4) people come from a very diverse set of places...maybe 40% international?, and 5) probably 70% and 30% female.

From an email that went out to all of the locals, I met two other girls and five guys last night for drinks, which was actually a really good idea. It was nice to have a couple of familiar faces already when I showed up today:-). Everyone was really nice and easy-going and I had a good time. I would be ecstatic if they were representative of the rest of the class!!!

Weird thing, though. I suddenly found myself feeling very guarded when I got there. I had kind of a weird, inexplicable desire to keep things to myself. I don't know why...I guess that maybe I was just feeling sort of shy...? I was OK talking about work and stuff, but there was something that told me not to talk about personal stuff, even though no one else had a problem talking about wives or kids or boyfriends or whatever.

I ended up walking home (and stopping for ice cream, even though it was really cold:-D) with one of the girls, who lives in Beacon Hill near me, and talked to her a lot more. She seemed sort of amazed that we could all have talked for like five hours and I never mentioned that I am getting married in two weeks or that I have a quasi-adopted teenager. I don't really intend to be keeping secrets, but I just felt like keeping some things to myself (although, c'mon...I wear a big engagement ring all the time, so that shouldn't really be a I am assuming that, once I get to know the people a bit, I will feel more like myself. Dunno...anyone have any psychoanalysis on this?

Anyway, I have some more stuff tomorrow, and hopefully will get to know more people. The Boy is taking Friday off from work, so we are taking a four day weekend at the beach to close out the summer. Labor Day always makes me really sad...but I think maybe this year I will just be too busy to be sad;-). Munchkin is working right up until Sunday, and is definitely bummed about summer ending, but she is also ready to get back to school and get back into the swing of things.

Hopefully she followed my instructions and got herself packed;-)


Rachel H. said...

I find myself feeling guarded in situations like that sometimes too...I'm not sure what it is, but I do, and I hate it. Then once I'm feeling more comfortable, I am more like myself.

anne said...

It is kind of like how do you put that information out there unless something specific to it comes up? I would think it would be odd to randomly insert into a conversation - hey, I'm getting married. It would just seem like you are drawing attention to yourself for no other reason than that.

Ys said...

I don't put it out there that I'm getting married soon. In fact, I hate talking about myself lol! So I personally don't think it's strange. I'm more the kind of person who blurts everything out when I feel comfortable with people, so on a first meeting that's not likely to happen for me. I'm sure it'll all feel more natural when you're in classes together and seeing much more of each other.

Still just me said...

There is nothing wrong with keeping your life personal, especially in a new situation. I find myself doing the same thing, being in a new place and meeting new people.