Thursday, September 10, 2009

A wedding, you say

You know what I have missed? Chicken fingers!!!

But it's that time of year again...first chicken fingers of the season. I am happy to report that Munchkin has not outgrown our regular weekly dinner date. A new friend from school came with (the same girl I met and had ice cream with last week), which has reminded me that I can now show Munchkin off to a whole new batch of people:-D

Actually, I still find that I haven't talked much about my personal is easier to ask questions than to give answers sometimes...

So, let's get to some thoughts on school after three days. Primary observation is that the people are really smart, but mostly they are super motivated. It is like the entire class is filled with the people who volunteer to take on the extra work whenever the boss asks. Maybe everyone is still on their best behavior because it is still basically first impression time. But basically, everyone is just really, really motivated.

There are some people that I like to call "over-zealous networkers". Networking, to me, is kind of a subtle have to legitimately enjoy meeting people in order for it to work. If it seems forced, then it is awkward and ineffective. It is a fine line, and some of these people need to tone it down a Maybe Jenny, an avowed proponent, can give them some lessons.

The work has been minimal so far, although I think that will change dramatically as time goes along. Mostly we have had case studies and in-class discussions, which mostly have been focused on getting everyone involved and getting us all to think about things in maybe a little bit different way than before. It has been interesting enough so far that I have resisted the temptation to spend the entire class gchatting;-). That will definitely change!

Anyway, so far, so good. I definitely feel comfortable around everyone, and I am pretty sure I will be able to handle the work. I suppose that, at some point, I will need to figure out whether or not I will be giving birth during that can wait! I already talked to all of my current professors about taking Thursday and Friday off next week, and then the Monday after the wedding, which they were all pretty cool with. The second semester ones will hopefully be equally understanding about some possible maternity issues...not much they will be able to do about it at that point, eh?

Lots of little things to do this weekend in preparation for the big weekend! I am feeling pretty calm about the whole thing, which I think is partially because I have just been so busy with so many other life changes lately. I did have a bit of a moment last night when I sorta said "Oh shit, I am getting married in like a week and I have all of these people coming in from out of town, and what am I forgetting?" and got maybe a little bit snippy and short with The Boy because I was stressing. But he was good enough to give me some time to fret by myself (what have I said? He knows me!) and calm down. Yes, I apologized:-)

I guess that is about it for now. Project Runway is on, and then bed time for me! Toodles:-) I will give you official word on accidentally baby once I know...hee hee...


Rachel H. said...

Can't wait to hear the word on the baby!! I'm excited for you guys!

HappyascanB said...

GoodNESS you've got a lot shaking these days!!! The pre-wedding flip out is totally natural! So much happening in a few days. Enjoy it as best you can!!! Can't wait to hear the test results on Accidentally Baby!!!!

Windy City Kelley's said...

Good luck with the wedding! I actually just found out I was pregnant too. I can't blog about it yet though since my entire family and all my friends read it. My hubby and I have not told anyone yet but the dog walker (don't ask). We're waiting until after the 1st trimester to spread the word. :)