Saturday, December 19, 2009

Babies Update

It seems like I haven't given much of an update on the babies of late...I have been so busy with other shit that I haven't blogged much, and when I have, it's been about other things.

I am about 20 weeks now, and my next doctor's appointment is Tuesday. So far, all of the tests and screenings have been normal...blood pressure is good, sickness has passed, sleeping well, weight gain is good (I have put on about 20 pounds, at least, and feel big as a house!) No distortion of my stomach tattoo yet;-). If the ultrasound pictures on Tuesday are good, I will post them. And I will try and get a belly picture in here at some point as well;-)

The biggest thing is that they have started kicking a lot. I have been able to feel them for about a week and a half now, and within the last couple of days it has really picked up so that other people can feel the kicking if they are touching my stomach. Sometimes they kick me hard enough to surprise me and make me jump and squeal a little bit:-)

I can still wear some non-maternity shirts and sweaters if they are long enough and not super tight. Pants are pretty much all maternity, although if I got one of those belly bands, I could still wear a lot of my old pants. Mostly, though, I just don't have the need to dress up very often! I can totally get away with wearing sweat pants to school, and can also wear my fantastic array of hippie skirts that I wear all summer, provided that I wear some warm tights or thermal leggings of one sort or another;-). Shoes are tough to match with those, too, but I feel like a lot of boots work fine.

We also have also settled on a definitive plan regarding school, et al. I may in fact be completely crazy to try, but I am enrolled for the second semester, and planning on going full speed ahead. I am taking something of a big chance that I am not put on bed rest for any lengthy period of time, which would sorta blow this whole thing up. While I won't be able to spend entire days at school right away, I shouldn't miss more than a week of classes (I know that sounds ridiculous, but it will really only mean being at school for a couple of hours each morning). A big part of this semester will be another semester-long project, which means I will be able to work a ton on that while everyone else is on spring break, and then not feel real guilty about the rest of the group not having me around as much after the babies are born.

What makes all of this possible? Why, that would be the Saint-In-Waiting that I generally refer to as The Boy's Mom. As we had talked about before, she is going to move in with us from the time the babies are born until the end of my school year to play Nanny (at least on Weekdays, she will probably wanna go home on weekends!). She is gonna stay in Munchkin's room, and Munchkin is gonna re-locate to Smoking Hot Roommate's place for the time being.

Obviously, it is beyond an ideal situation for me, since it will allow me to not miss the semester, and not feel like a bad parent for leaving the babies with a Nanny right away. C''s their grandmother, right? Also, I would be kind of hesitant to accept this kid of arrangement from most people for fear that they would be overwhelmed...but she had twins, so she knows what she is in for!!! She has her own reasons for wanting to do it as well, beyond just being super nice, and I know that she is actually really looking forward to it. I will definitely owe her one;-)

And then we can worry about next fall later;-)

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Our Happy Married Life... said...

i've been wondering about the babies and meant to ask you when we are emailing on friday. So exciting. i hope it all works out according to plan. And a belly pic would be adorable! Please and thank you.