Monday, December 21, 2009

Let's make fun of the fat chick!

In light of the big snow storm we got yesterday (and Munchkin having school cancelled), I took the lovebirds and two other friends of Munchkin's sledding! OK, that is maybe a little bit misleading...I drove them to a popular sledding spot, and then I went to a little soup and sandwich place up the street to read and enjoy the warmth while they stayed outside in the cold. had a pumpkin bisque for lunch that was absolutely out of this world. A super hearty, comfort-food kind of hot meal in a bowl. Really, really awesome...I gotta go back for more soon:-).

So, I went back to get them and they were not quite ready to go yet, so I decided to hang out for a bit and they talked me into one sledding run. Not sure if that is kosher for the pregnant girl, but I had dressed for it just in case:-).

So, I did one run...and then realized that I couldn't get back up the hill!!!

Seriously, it was too steep and slick and I just couldn't get my legs and feet to work like they normally do...carrying too much extra body weight.

So, yes, my one effort at sledding today ended with me laughing uncontrollably at my own sorry ass while I walked to the stairs at the end of the hill.



Thisisme said...

I have a super cute image of this right now!! (:

A said...

Awwwww. You poor thing! Hopefully the one ride down was worth it! :)

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

I can NOT stop laughing at this image!

Was Frenchie chivalrous enough to help you?

Kari said...

Hope you had a fun ride down. Maybe the gods were trying to prevent you from going down again :) Have you started a (two) baby book (s) for the babies yet? You totally have to write this in it! Frenchie is going to have some great stories to tell when he goes home.

Windy City Kelley's said...

Too funny! I now laugh at myself when I'm trying to get up from sitting on the floor. I know it's only going to get worse too. :)