Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today's Girl Crush

So, I have documented a couple of my girl-crushes in the past...Kate Beckinsale is like the Queen of them all. Salma Hayek is another. Allesandra Ambrosio, of course. And Katie Bell and Jessicas Alba & Biel. Oh, and Charlize Theron.

But, today, I have an official Blog-Girl-Crush, which is a first for me. The lucky lady? That would be my sorta-neighbor in two places, the divine and inspiring JenniferAlaine at You'll Grow to Love Me.

The reason for the girl-crush? It's not that she is tall and foxy, although that would totally justify it. Nor is it that she is from Chicago, or that she goes to a smart-kid school a few miles from here, although either would be perfectly acceptable reasons as well.

The real reason is that she has the stones to pull this off;-) Awesome beyond words!!!


jenniferalaine said...

Dude this is amazing. And ummm how did I not realize before that we were both Chicagoans/Bostonians?! That's silly of me.

Rachel H. said...

This is great!! :)

Mrs. Adventure said...

Love it... thanks for the crush... helped me find another great blog to read! BTW Loving your blog, but "I'm starting from the bottom" (that's what she said) so its going to take me a while to catch up.