Sunday, December 06, 2009

Is that a tree in your living room, or are you just happy to see me?

First off...I have turned on the comment validation thingy for a bit to see if I can cut down on the spam comments, which are getting super annoying. Hopefully I can take it off in a week or so and not have this problem. We'll see.

Random note: who has seen the Yoplait commercial with the woman yelling at the cake in the bakery? That makes me giggle every time I see it..."There's no such thing as a bear sheriff"

So, let's see...finals start this week, but I am feeling pretty good about them. I have stayed on top of things all semester, so I don't really feel the need to cram like mad for them, and they are spread out so that I don't have two of them in any day. I am sure that I will wig out at some point, but for the most part, it should be a manageable, if stressful, couple of weeks. And then I will have a whole bunch of time to do nothing, which will be a super treat! I will have Munchkin's boyfriend here for a bit, and then I will have Tinkerbelle here for a bit, and then I will have some time totally to myself:-). I actually thought that maybe I would go and visit The Mouth for a few days just to get away from the miserable weather...we will see...

Lovely, low key weekend...started with playing taxi-driver for Munchkin on Friday. She went to a semi-formal winter ball sorta thing with a boy that is related to The Boy (he is actually the son of The Boy's Mom's cousin...follow?). And, in true Munchkin form, she made a quick visit to Big Sis after school, "borrowed" a dress, spent a few minutes putting her hair up and putting on some lip gloss...and looked like she was ready for the red carpet. Smoking Hot Roommate coined a new phrase for her "She would put the airbrushers out of business".

It was in a town that is about 15 miles from here, and she could have stayed overnight, but I could tell that she kinda wanted to come back home (she is funny like that...likes her own bed:-)) and I didn't mind going to get her, so I did. She actually had a really great time...met a ton of new people, and I think she really liked having a date that wasn't really a date.

Saturday started with Christmas Tree hunting:-) We picked out a good one before it started raining and got it into the apartment, set up and lit. We didn't put the ornaments on yet, but that is OK...really it's the lights that make the Christmas Tree. And, please, don't bother me with those fake can't really love Jesus without a real tree, people...

On Saturday night we had dinner for Papa's Bear's birthday (which was last Tuesday...Happy Birthday, Pretend Dad) at my favorite restaurant. As always, it was outstanding, and with Smoking Hot Roommate, The Rocket Scientist, Big Sis, The Brain Surgeon, The Boy, Munchkin and three unborn children, it was quite the full crowd! We ended up spending nearly three hours eating, obviously a lot more talking than eating;-). By the time we were done, the rain had turned to snow and it was actually sort of pretty outside:-)

And today I did nothing exciting. Munchkin and I went grocery shopping earlier, and then I spent the afternoon studying while the rest of the household watched football. The snow made for a spectacular visual this morning...bright, sunny and peaceful, but very wintry-cold. And that makes me want to stay inside and drink tea, which I did:-)

And that, folks, makes for a nice weekend:-)


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a good weekend...I wish I had been able to relax more this weekend, but maybe next weekend will be more relaxing! :)

cat said...

omg! I used to read your blog all the time, and then I sort of went off reading any blogs for a while. Today I was thinking, what ever happened to that crazy girl I used to read about in Boston? so I looked up your blog again.

congrats on all the exciting news!!!! oddly enough, I am also pregnant and due in May :)

Nicole said...

Wait a minute! THREE UNBORN CHILDREN???? Are we talking SHR or Big sis???

Accidentally Me said...

Nicole - Yes, Big Sis is:-) I blogged that a while back! She is about one week less pregnant than I am:-)